Zimbali Coastal Resort Experience

A Zimbali Coastal Resort Experience in the Isuzu D-Max Double Cab – Kwazulu Natal

Zimbali has always been that one place that I have always wanted to explore, just never had the opportunity to. Until this past October . . . with the Mzansi Experiences team.

To say I was excited is an understatement! What made the trip even more exciting, is the fact that we were bringing a reliable companion . . . the Isuzu D-Max Double Cab. Though I didn’t know what to expect in Zimbali or what the drive there looked like . . . I was comfortable knowing that the Isuzu D-Max holds her own on road and off road, so I was ready for what was to come.

And of course with these trips, we tend to overpack everything, from tons of outfit changes to food to accessories . . . I loved that the space was perfect as we managed to pack everything at the back with ample space for a comfortable ride in the front.

We took off on a cold breezy Friday morning . . . pulled out of Johannesburg at 6 oclock in the morning, just to get a head start and to get there before any of our guests that we were hosting. Traffic was great at first, but it started to get a little thick as we got closer and closer to Zimbali . . . and the fact that there were roadworks delayed us a bit.

The closer we got to Zimbali, the more windy and chilly it got . . . and at some point I remember being worried that the weekend would be cold, rainy and just plain horrible. And of course, that would ruin the weekend and the activities that we had lined up.

Over 7 hours later, we got to the Zimbali Coastal resort . . . and it was time for check in, and get our biometrics done. Luckily, we had already sent our ID’s for a seamless check-in process. We filled in our forms, did the fingerprints and made our way to the West Gate to officially get into the resort.


Upon entering, the excitement reached an all time high . . . the drive was scenic with beautiful gardens and greens. And now, all that was left was for us to locate our home for the weekend . . . on Club Drive. Our house had 6 beautiful bedrooms. . . the main bedroom which was our bedroom is beautiful, with an extra big bed, walk in closet, ensuite bathroom with shower, a beautiful bath and of course a balcony overlooking the beautiful resort and golf course.

As we were settling in, exploring the house, the views, the pool and getting the fire ready for the braai . . . the weather takes a drastic turn, and changes from sunny and beautiful to windy and cold. We abandoned our plans of having dinner by the pool deck to eating inside the house, to avoid the wet windy weather and the chills.

To our surprise the next day was absolutely beautiful with clear blue skies and the sun was out. Our day was full, starting with a walk/hike while taking in the scenic beauty of the Zimbali Coastal Resort, followed by a scrumptious breakfast on the pool deck, overlooking the golf course. We then took off to the Valley of the Pools for the afternoon . . . and ended up at the beach for a picnic, some sips and great conversations. Once the sun set, we headed back to our house to start preparing dinner.

Sunday was short and a little sad, as we prepared to say goodbye to our home . . . but were not ready to drive back to Johannesburg. After all, we still had the Isuzu D-Max and we decided to check out Margate. We found a nice little self catering place called Stay Awhile Apartments . . . and we chose it as our home for the night.

We were a little tired from the weekend, and the drive but we decided to check out the beach, grabbed some pizza and called it a night.

The next morning, the drive back to Johannesburg was the order of the day. The trusted and reliable Isuzu D-Max never let us down once . . . we enjoyed a comfortable ride back home and said goodbye to the province of Kwazulu Natal.

Would I do the Zimbali Coastal Resort again . . . ABSOLUTELY!




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