Mzansi Shakers is an online platform that is married to entertainment, lifestyle, travel, tech, food and drinks, and we love working with reputable brands and PR companies.

As a brand that wants to be seen and heard, that wants extra online exposure, we can lend a helping hand. Having your products and services online is crucial for your success in todays competition in business, and we can help.

We are open to reviewing products & places, when given the opportunity. Invites to events, product launches or overnight stays are welcome, we will share our experiences, in our website and social media pages.

Mzansi Shakers Marketing Options Include:

Here are some ways that you can collaborate with us:

  • Press Trips
  • Article sponsorship 
  • Sponsored social media posts on Instagram
  • Destination Tours
  • Hotel Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Brand Ambassadorship

Whether you’ve manufactured a gamer changer in the market, are opening a brand new hotel, restaurant, bringing in a new flavour to your existing offering or running your very own blog, we can help.

If you’d love to work with us, please contact us directly at to request our media kit.