Who Ordered the Hit on AKA?

Kiernan “AKA” Forbes was gunned down on Friday Night outside Wish Restaurant on Florida Rd in Durban, and police are investigating his murder and the motive behind it.

This cold blooded killing has left many people shocked and saddened, and with the video of his shooting doing the rounds on social media, many people are left with the question of “Who ordered the Hit on AKA” and why.

Anele Nellie Tembe’s father & family on AKA’s Death

There are many theories when it comes to who may be responsible for AKA’s death. The Tembe family was thrust into the spotlight after the rapper was shot. This is Nellie Tembe’s family, who was AKA’s fiancée who died tragically after she fell off the hotel to her death, back in 2021.

People have been saying that the family had not forgiven AKA for the death of their daughter, and perhaps wanted revenge. Nellie’s family is a very powerful and monied family in Durban, so the theory is that they may have put out a hit on AKA. They have the money and motive for it . . . says people on social media.

The statement that they released after AKA’s death didn’t help at all.

Nellie’s father, Moses Tembe shared that he felt “a deep pain” for AKA’s family, after he heard of the passing of the rapper.

He said in a statement: “It is with deepest shock that we’ve learnt of the passing of Kiernan.”

“Kiernan was an extraordinarily talented musician. His music contributed meaningfully to South Africa’s rich musical tapestry. We extend our condolences to his extended family his fans.”

Tembe asked the public “to show compassion and give the family space, time and respect on all platforms”.

AKA banned in Durban

After Anele Tembe’s death and the manner in the way she died, there were people who just hated AKA and blamed him for her death. There are still people who have not forgiven the rapper for her death, and to see him this happy with his current girlfriend Nadia Nakai must have rubbed them the wrong way.

There have also been reports that AKA was banned from entering Durban. It is said that he was given multiple warnings about entering the city, and was told to stay away and never set foot there.

Don Design? Did he know what was about to happen to AKA?

Don Design is trending, since the video of AKA’s shooting went viral on social media.

People are saying Don Design may be involved in the shooting somehow, because Don Design is the first one to go outside Wish, he was standing right next to the killer for quite a bit, and he definitely saw his face.

People are saying his movements are weird, that when he yawned and lifted his arm, it was a signal to the shooter to start approaching.

The thing is, Don Design was tight with AKA, for years and it would be super sad to have someone that AKA trusted to that level, and be the one to betray him like this.

The hit was definitely personal, and the thought that someone from his inner circle could be involved makes it even worse. Also, the thought that the Tembe’s could be involved is crazy. We hope the police catch the perpetrators, this death has affected so many people and the police need to do their job and do the right thing.



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