Universal Branch Codes for South African Banks

Ae you looking for universal branch codes for South African Banks? Whatever bank that you are banking with, you have come to the right place.

When it comes to internet banking or telephone banking, you are bound to need bank branch codes. If you cannot the branch codes off by heart, here are the branch codes for all the bnaks in South Africa. Make sure you save this page for future references.

South Africa Bank’s Universal Branch Codes

First National Bank / FNB Branch Code250655
ABSA Branch Code632005
Standard Bank Branch Code051001
Nedbank Branch Code198765
African Bank Branch Code430000
Bidvest Bank Branch Code462005
Investec Branch Code580105
Tyme Bank Branch Code678910
Capitec Branch Code470010
SA Post Bank Branch Code460005
Bank of Athens Branch Code410506
Sasfin Bank Limited Branch Code 683000
RMB Private Bank Branch Code222026
Old Mutual Branch Code462005
Mercantile Bank Limited Branch Code450905
HSBC Bank Branch Code587000

Banks and Branch Codes

Just in case you weren’t sure, branch codes exist as a way to idntify where the bank is located, so every single bank in South Africa would be assigned this number to identify it’s location.

Banks and Universal Branch Codes

A universal code is a code that separates the different banks from each other (i.e Absa, FNB etc). This code can be used for all of FNB’s transactions, regardless of the location of that particular bankl or where the bank account is held.

And it’s the same for all the other banks like Absa, or Nedbank or any one of them.

When Should You Use A Universal Branch Code?

 You can use the universal code of the bank that you are transacting on, for any transaction that you are trying to do.

It will be the same code for anything that you are trying to do for that bank, regardless of where the bank is.

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