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UCOOK Meal Kits – Everything that you need to know

A Look at UCOOK Meal Kits & Meal Delivery Service in South Africa

UCOOK is a South African meal kit delivery service that offers weekly recipes and fresh, ethically-sourced ingredients to its customers. The company was founded in Cape Town in 2014 and has since expanded to serve customers throughout South Africa.

UCOOK’s mission is to make cooking easy and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their skill level or access to quality ingredients.

To achieve this, UCOOK partners with local farmers and food producers to source the freshest and most sustainable ingredients. Their team of chefs creates weekly recipes tailored to different dietary preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, meat, and seafood.

Customers can choose from various meal plans that include a classic, low-carb, and vegetarian option. Each plan comprises three recipes per week, with all the necessary ingredients included. Customers can also personalize their plans by adding recipes or skipping weeks as per their requirements.

UCOOK has received great customer reviews for its convenience, quality, and variety of service. Several customers have reported that UCOOK has helped them improve their cooking skills by providing them with the necessary tools and ingredients to cook restaurant-quality meals at home.

Now, if you love to cook, or love food but have no idea on where or how to start in putting a great meal together, UCOOK is right here to hold your hand to help you navigate it.

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The UCOOK Meal Kits

The UCOOK menu is the first point of interest, although the actual dishes offered are subject to change on a weekly basis. Nevertheless, UCOOK guarantees certain staples that feature in their Meal Kit Plans options.

UCOOK provides great meal plans, which include:

Adventurous Foodie -Experiment with bold ingredients, new techniques and serious fun in the kitchen.

Quick and Easy – effortless recipes that are quick and easy, but still packed with flavour.

Carb Conscious – Plan your meals well with less than or equal to 10g of carbs per 100g.

Fan Faves – Find new favourites and make the dishes everyone is loving, week after week.

Vegetarian – Get more of the good stuff with Veggie dishes, including two plant-based dishes weekly.

Simple and Save – Our no-frills option. Spend less on dishes that don’t compromise on quality and flavour.

The cost of each plan varies depending on the number of recipes selected per week and the quantity required, with prices starting from R280.

UCOOK updates its weekly dishes every week, which come from the culinary experts at UCOOK and some of South Africa’s top culinary talent. Customers can also look out for featured dishes from some of the best restaurants around.

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Pic: UCook

Why You Should Consider UCOOK

UCook is an ideal solution when you want to prepare something a bit more exotic or decadent without having to go through the hassle of searching for all the necessary ingredients or buying large containers of items you may only need a small amount of.

With UCook, the search for ingredients is eliminated, and delivery is prompt and reliable. The box arrives looking lovely, and the fresh ingredients are neatly packed in brown paper packets, making them easy to grab from the fridge and start cooking.

I appreciate that UCook indicates the recommended number of days for using the ingredients, and the cooking times provided in the recipes are accurate.

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It is Perfect For

UCOOK provides a convenient meal kit delivery service to busy individuals and families who desire delicious homemade food without the stress of grocery shopping. It is perfect for busy couples, families, bachelors, and singles who want to enjoy delicious homemade food without the hassle of grocery shopping.

The generous portions make it a healthier and cost-effective alternative to takeout. However, this service may not be a fit for those with a limited budget, as prices differ according to the chosen plan and number of recipes per week, and I wouldn’t say the mealkits are cheap.

Meal Kits Pricing

This pricing table is based on a serving of 2 people, on 2 dishes a week

Meal OptionsPrice/Week
Adventurous FoodieR675
Quick and easyR575
Carb ConsciousR575
Fan FavesR575
Simple and SaveR405

UCook: Pair some great wine to the meal kits

UCook meal kits take the stress out of planning a dinner party, romantic dinner for two, or special family get-together. Simply choose a dish and the high-quality, pre-measured ingredients will be delivered to your door, along with a recipe card featuring simple step-by-step instructions.

And now, UCook is offering the perfect addition to your meal: a bottle of wine expertly paired with your dish. Each month, UCook partners with one of South Africa’s top wine producers to provide wine selections that perfectly complement their meal kits.

If you prefer not to include wine, you have the option to order a meal kit without it, or to select a different wine pairing from the available options, or simply order the wine separately.

Moreover, when you opt for a wine-paired meal kit, you are not only indulging in a delightful culinary experience but also supporting local.

Final Thoughts on UCOOK Meal Kits and Meal Delivery Service

To sum up, UCOOK provides an excellent meal kit and delivery service that is perfect for busy families or individuals seeking homemade meals without the inconvenience of grocery shopping.

With a variety of meal plans, ample portions, and wine pairing options, it’s an appealing option for those searching for a convenient and cost-effective meal solution.

However, customers on a tight budget may find it expensive, in general, UCOOK is an outstanding alternative for those seeking superior ingredients and simple recipes delivered to their home.



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