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Tsweu Lifestyle Cafe in Mamelodi

Tsweu Lifestyle Cafe is the spot to chill at when you are looking for great food, great drinks and a great vibe . . . kasi style. It is based in Mamelodi Pretoria, and based on reviews seen on Google, people love it.

They serve a “different kinda vibe.”

Not only does Tsweu Lifestyle Cafe serve great food, they often invite DJ’s to make sure that the music is pumping and there’s always dope ambiance.

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Tsweu Lifestyle Cafe: What People Had to Say

“When you need most delicious food , affordable drink and best service visit Tsweu Lifestyle Cafe”

“Great place to be ko kasi, chilled vibes good food … it’s a lifestyle indeed”

“The music was so good! It’s the perfect place to get away from the amapiano hype honestly. The food was also really good, and the overall vibe was great. I don’t drink alcohol and they fortunately had a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages available. Their bottles are a bit on the pricey side though, but a small price to pay for the great service they provide. I’ll definitely be going there again.”

“The food is great, drinks are affordable and the service is great. The restrooms are unisexual, clean and safe which was a bonus for me personally.

Queer friendly space that hosts DJ’s from different genres to accommodate all music taste.

It’s my new fave place in Pretoria”

“If you ever you’re in Pretoria, you have to check out Tsweu, I love it it there. The people, the place, is unexplainable refreshing from anything you know, the music, the food is all just unique and relaxing but gets you all groovy, if I could I’d be there every weekend, even midweek. I can’t alter that place, it’s the best.”

“Tsweu Lifestyle Cafe is a vibe.10/10 on food beverages pricing and service.The food is soooo delicious plus its presentation.The place to be seen eating and sipping and chilling at.”



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