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Top 10 Wine Restaurants in Johannesburg

While Johannesburg may not be immediately associated with fine wine, the city has witnessed a remarkable surge in exceptional wine offerings. And yes, it does not have the sprawling vineyards that adorn the Western Cape, but it certainly doesn’t lack in the availability of high-quality wines.

As specialized wine bars continue to flourish throughout Johannesburg, it seems as though the winelands have effortlessly extended their presence into the city. For those venturing to the vibrant city of gold, here are our top recommendations of the top wine restaurants in Johannesburg.

10 Must Try Wine Restaurants in Johannesburg


Renowned for its exceptional wine selection, Marble stands proudly as the finest wine restaurant in Johannesburg. With an outstanding reputation, their sommelier Wikus Human’s expertise in curating the perfect wine offerings has earned him recognition as one of the top sommeliers in the country. Human’s dedication and passion have been acknowledged previously, with the esteemed title of Best Young Sommelier in SA bestowed upon him in 2017.

As a testament to his remarkable skills, Marble continues to delight guests with a wine experience that surpasses expectations.

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Tang boasts an extensive selection of local wine producers and a range of international offerings, ensuring a delightful experience for wine enthusiasts.

When you visit Tang Sandton, you will discover that the restaurant caters to a diverse array of wine lovers, further expanding their already impressive list by including the owner, Nicky van Walt’s personal rosé.

With such dedication to providing an exceptional wine experience, Tang Sandton continues to captivate guests with its enticing offerings.


Located within The Leonardo Building, Aurum restaurant exudes an unmistakable charm and unwavering consistency that enchants guests with each dining experience. The attentive waitstaff, led by the impeccably presented senior partner Paulo Santo, ensures that every need is met with precision and care, adding to the overall allure of this magnificent contemporary establishment.

Aurum’s wine list prominently features exceptional wines from Stellenbosch, while also highlighting renowned local wine regions, offering a delightful selection that showcases the best of South African viticulture.

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Situated within the fashionable The Marc in Sandton, the trendy Italian bar and restaurant’s wine list predominantly highlights Champagne and Cap Classique selections. Wine enthusiasts need not worry though, as a delightful array of premium local white, rosé, and red wines also grace the menu.

Indulge in a captivating wine journey that showcases the best of both local and international flavors, all within the vibrant ambiance of this esteemed establishment.


Zioux, an urban eatery that serves as a playground for the adventurous, has established itself as a versatile destination for everything from elegant high teas to intimate dinners and casual drinks. The wine list at Zioux is abundant, offering an extensive range of wines available by the glass, as well as an in-depth and extensive selection of bottled wines.

Champagne takes center stage with a carefully curated assortment of both vintage and non-vintage Champagnes, alongside a captivating array of Cap Classiques. Whether you seek a casual sip or a celebratory toast, Zioux promises a remarkable wine experience to complement your dining or socializing adventure.

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Spier Tasting Room

Discover a captivating escape within the Indaba Hotel in Fourways at the enchanting Spier Tasting Room. Immerse yourself in a unique experience that transports you to the captivating landscapes of the Cape Winelands, right in the heart of Fourways.

While not following the traditional restaurant format, the Spier Wine Experience, introduced in October 2022, invites you to indulge in an extraordinary wine tasting journey. Highly recommended, the Spier Tasting Room offers a thoughtfully curated selection of experiences, reflecting the pricing range found at their renowned Stellenbosch farm.

With prices ranging from R40 to R100 per person, you can fully explore the brand’s diverse range of wines and savor the rich flavors they have to offer. As a delightful bonus, should you encounter a vintage that captivates your senses, bottles are readily available for purchase, allowing you to take home a cherished memory of your newfound wine appreciation.

Proud Mary

Situated within Rosebank’s Voco Johannesburg branch, Proud Mary has emerged as one of the leading restaurants, admired for its exceptional location and great cuisine.

Infused with style and vibrancy, the trendy restaurant presents an affordable menu that perfectly complements its diverse range of wines sourced from local and independent winemakers.

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Level Seven

Situated in the heart of Ekurhuleni, Level Seven Restaurant and Sky Bar at Radisson OR Tambo is a noteworthy destination for fine dining enthusiasts.

Created by Desmond Mabuza, the mastermind behind the renowned fine dining establishment Signature in Morningside, Sandton, Level Seven aims to provide a culinary experience that rivals its counterpart, tailored specifically for the residents of the Ekurhuleni area. Complementing the exceptional cuisine is a well-curated wine list that caters to both red and white wine connoisseurs, ensuring that every guest’s preferences are met with delightful options.

KŌL Izakhaya

Nestled in Hyde Park, KŌL Izakaya offers an enchanting blend of authentic Japanese cuisine and a meticulously crafted modern interior that pays homage to Japanese culture. Embracing the concept of ‘izakaya,’ which represents a tavern where friends and colleagues gather to enjoy shared dishes and good drinks, KŌL Izakaya serves an array of traditional small plates that showcase the rich flavors of Japan.

Complementing the culinary journey is an extensive selection of wines that spans the globe, promising a truly international and immersive experience. Discover the true essence of KŌL, where exceptional food, delightful drinks, and warm camaraderie intertwine to create unforgettable memories.

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Nestled within the exquisite Houghton Hotel, this elegant and sophisticated fine dining establishment is a haven for food enthusiasts. A dream come true for discerning palates, the menu at this restaurant seamlessly blends the culinary adventures of head chef Freddie Dias with his deep appreciation for diverse cuisines from around the world.

Enhancing the dining experience, the culinary creations at this establishment are thoughtfully paired with exquisite wines, often accompanied by a choice between Graham Beck Brut or Graham Beck Rosé. These exceptional wine selections add an extra layer of sophistication and elevate the flavors to new heights, ensuring a memorable and harmonious union of food and wine.



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