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Our Experience at Tigers Milk in Melrose Arch 

We decided to try out Tigers Milk in Melrose Arch . . . we wanted to find a spot to relax over some food and drinks. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the sun was out and we were excited to get out of the house.

We took a bit of time searching for hip and interesting eateries for us to explore, whether it is for the food, aesthetics or both preferably.

We decided to try the Tigers Milk in Melrose Arch branch as it was closer to home. We headed out to the restaurant around 3pm, we did not have a reservation and were a tad nervous we would struggle getting a table.

We were drawn to Tigers Milk in Melrose Arch because of the good food reviews online, and the rocking vibe. Their menu is delightful, with great options such as mouthwatering burgers, pizzas, succulent ribs and so much more.


First Impressions of Tigers Milk Melrose Arch


To our delight, when we arrived it was seamless and we were seated at a nice table within seconds. We wanted a table outside but those were full so we had to get one inside. We got one right by the windows which gave the outdoor feel,  and we had the beautiful and busy Melrose street view as we enjoyed our food and drinks.

We immediately loved the ambiance from the time we walked in. The staff were all vibey and friendly, the music was trendy in a mellow way which was great because it was not too loud as we could still have a conversation without screaming at each other.

And the vibe was great, people looked like they were having a great time, and it looked like we picked the right spot. The vibe we got from our experience at the restaurant was more relaxed and not too formal as our usual picks.

One of the first things that I noticed was the decor, it had this casual and comfortable look, but edgy at the same time.

The Food at Tigers Milk Melrose Arch

As soon as we were seated, we knew what we wanted to drink. Bae ordered her cider and I ordered my merlot. The staff were very knowledgeable as they could confidently make recommendations to make our experience easier. Their menu is full of variety for different types of pallets.

After looking at the menu we were ready to order, and we wanted to start with their chicken wings and chips, to nibble on as we devoured the menu and decided what we really wanted to eat.

A bit later, we ordered our mains, I went with a pizza and bae decided to try one of their burgers with chips. The presentation was impressive as I always say “I eat with my eyes first”. They were also very quick with our order even though the restaurant was filling up quite rapidly. I loved that they brought all the condiments we needed
for both our meals without us having to request for them.

The beauty of where our table was situated was the incredible view of the sunset as we sipped on our drinks, this was definitely a cherry on top to our day out. Our waiter was very attentive to us, checked on us regularly to ensure we had everything we needed.

Final Thoughts on Tigers Milk

Overall, we loved our experience at Tiger’s Milk, the food was good, the staff was friendly and attentive and we loved the great location.

We will absolutely be going back again to try more items from their menu. For us, it is not the best pick for a romantic date but a great choice for a relaxed date filled with good music and amazing food. Perfect for a lunch or dinner with friends and family too.

Definitely a great spot for dude food that tastes good!

This article was first published in Love Coincidentally.

Pic: Tigers milk



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