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The Wife: Mqhele Learns that Mthaniya is not his Child

Since it’s debut, The Wife has been trending every week due to the explosive nature of the storyline. We fell in love with the cast when the show first debuted, with Hlomu and Mqhele’s love story carrying the show from the start.

And in Season 2, we watched Nkosana (Bhuti Omdala) find happiness again with Zandile, the mother of his children. And now, we are on Season 3 with Qhawe and Naledi as the stars of the show and the storyline centered around them.

The Wife Season 3 is nearing the end, and the secrets are starting to come out more and more. On episode 31 to 33, we watched as Hlomu battled alcohol, to the point where she got into the car drunk, and drove herself and her child Mthaniya into an accident. On episode 34 to 36, she finally realizes that she has a problem with alcohol that she can’t continue to ignore.

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Mqhele found out that she got into the accident because of drunk driving, which made him super angry to the point where he almost beat Hlomu up at the hospital. Yes, this season, the physical abuse continued.

It didn’t help that Mthaniya got into a coma as a result of the car crash. She was unresponsive , and her parents decided to find help in a sangoma, who told them that there is a problem with regards to the child that needs fixing – involving ancestors and stuff.

The Wife: Hlomu Tries to Hide the Truth from Mqhele

Hlomu was worried about what the sangoma said, that she decided to go see him without Mqhele. When he inquired why she’s not with her husband, she lied and gave a lame excuse about him being busy.

It became very obvious quite quickly that she had an agenda, when she handed the sangoma an envelope full of money to try and hide the truth from Mqhele.

During the consultation, the sangoma reveals that Mthaniya is NOT Mqhele’s child, and that her father is Qhawe!

He also reveals that he has to do a ritual for the child, and give her something to put on the child so that she can get out of the coma, and that he cannot proceed without the biological father.

This prompts her to call Qhawe and tell him about this new development, and naturally, Qhawe is shocked to learn that he is Mthaniya’s biological father.

The Wife: Mqhele and Qhawe Fight About Mthaniya

As shocked as Qhawe is to learn that he is the child’s biological father, he goes to meet Hlomu and the sangoma, and they proceed to do what needs to be done for the child to get better.

Mthaniya gets better and we watch her parents go and see her at the hospital in their delight, as she gets out of the coma.

Mqhele is just as excited and happy when he goes to the hospital to see her, and finds her awake and well. He gets extremely happy and is filled with gratitude for what the sangoma did, that he offers him a token of his appreciation in the form of money.

This is when the sangoma buckles, and tells him that Mthaniya is not his child, and that she is his brothers child. He also reveals that Hlomu gave him money to buy his silence about the child’s paternity.

Mqhele’s entire demeanor changed, naturally . . . it’s like he couldn’t breath, he was in disbelief and clearly shocked and in pain.

Qhawe then decides that Hlomu is not a good mom to his child (because of the excessive alcohol drinking), he decides that she will be better off with him, and makes the decision to take her.

Mqhele still felt betrayed by Hlomu and all the mess that happened, but when she calls him for help and tells him that Qhawe wants to take the child, he springs into action. When he gets to the house, the conflict becomes a shouting match to the point where the brothers pull guns on each other.

The fight turns ugly, with both men fighting for the child, luckily Sambulo gets in the room after hearing screaming and shouting, and removes the child from that situation.

The two brothers just wouldn’t stop fighting and beating each other out, and luckily Nkosana walks in and asks them what rubbish it is that they are doing.

So, we wait on what next episodes will bring. Mqhele has to deal with the fact that Hlomu betrayed him with his brother, and that the child he loves so dearly is not his child.

There is still the issue with Xoli wanting revenge from the Zulu brothers, and poor Sambulo is just super oblivious and in love.

Super excited that Nkosana is back, the season has been weird with all the cast members that left the show. We wait till next week to see it all unfold.



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