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The NOKIA X20 is the Perfect Travel Companion for the Summer

How technology enhances travel

Planning a vacation or a getaway has become a lot easier with most people now able to book their holidays from their smartphones which means having a travel agency in the palm of their hands. From bookings and maps to photography, these days travel and technology are an inseparable pair.

Every day we learn more about the impact that technology has on our daily lives, and as concentration spans and patience continually grows less in this fast-paced world, technology is a welcomed addition to help minimise stress when planning that holiday.

So much goes into the perfect trip, location, outfits, and accommodation, but your smartphone is the unsung hero of any trip.

Here are five reasons why the Nokia X20 should be your travel companion this summer:

Ensure that you do not forget anything with help of the note app from your phone which enables you to make a checklist of the things you need – from flights and accommodation to your itinerary, make a list of all must-haves and must-see places before the trip.

Entertainment centre
With the 6,67” full HD screen, you can play games or binge-watch your favourite series during your flight. The pre-installed Spotify app will also help you find the perfect theme song for your holiday.

When you are out and about, the last thing you need to worry about is your phone giving up on you. The Nokia X20 has a 2-day battery life, so you get more time to go out and explore without worrying about charging. This long-lasting battery life can also help keep you on top of any changes to your travel itinerary.

Cashless is king
Contactless payment methods have also become increasingly popular. As people shy away from the physical card and cash exchanges. The Nokia X20 supports NFC and Google pay. Many restaurants provide QR codes to customers for virtual menus. Scan those QR codes faster with the help of your phone.

They say the best moments are the ones we forget to capture. Whether it is the beach sand, famous landmarks, or the clear blue skies, capture it all with the assistance of the 64MP quad camera with ZEISS Optics and AI assist. Video call your friends and family back home day or night to let them in on your experience with the 32MP high-quality front-facing camera.

Enjoy your summer vacation in style with the Nokia X20 in the palm of your hand. When it comes to the X20 device, you have no choice but to love it, trust it and keep it.



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