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The Hottest New Restaurants in Cape Town – 2022, 2023

Cape Town is undoubtedly one of the best cities in the world, and their food experiences just keep getting better and better. And with exciting new restaurants, Cape Town will not be slowing down any time soon. Whether these restaurants are in the city, in the winelands or the lushy suburbs of Cape Town, some of these are a must for you to try out. So, here are the:

Cape Town Must Visit Restaurants for 2023


Tang is a trendy Asian fusion restaurant, that opened in Johannesburg in 2021, and Joburgers loved it. It is no surprise that it opened in Cape Town last year November, bringing a unique dining experience that combines flavors from across the Asian continent, right to the Mother City.

Tang’s modern and stylish decor creates a chic and sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for a night out with friends or a special occasion. And for those who are crazy about IG, it is perfect for capturing that special picture too.

Owner Nicky van der Walt, secured a great location for it at the V&A Waterfront, where guests can enjoy breathtaking views of Table Mountain and the harbour.

Tang is a luxurious and sensory dining experience inspired by contemporary Japanese izakayas and the classic Cantonese eateries of Hong Kong. From the menu, you can expect delicious sushi, oysters, Peking duck and black cod miso, seafoods and meat, all cooked to perfection.

With its innovative menu, trendy ambiance, and impeccable service, Tang is a must-visit dining destination for anyone looking for a fresh and exciting take on Asian cuisine in Cape Town.


Salon Pot Luck

Salon PotLuck is Cape Town’s newest cocktail bar, set to open this March. It brings a unique dining experience and a modern take on French-inspired canapés, clever cocktails and fine wines.

Salon Pot Luck is located on the 1st Floor of the silo at the Old biscuit Mill, and the decor remains true to its industrial roots. However, it has been upgraded, so you can expect luxurious finishes that will define the new spot better.

Their canapés menu will be inspired by traditional French pastries, but it will be nothing you will have experienced before.

Additionally, Salon Pot Luck has a small outdoor courtyard, ideal for the summer warmer months. With its delicious food, intimate setting, and attentive service, Salon Pot Luck is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a taste of France in Cape Town.

You will find this new spot at Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock, Cape Town.

The Nines

The Nines is the new kid on the block, a trendy rooftop restaurant and lounge that is a favourite among the locals and visitors alike.

For this cocktail lounge, visitors dress to the nines, thanks to it’s trendy decor with leather couches and designer armchairs. It also has a huge deck extending out from the restaurant with breathtaking views of the ocean that visitors get to enjoy.

And in their menu, you can expect dishes like their Seafood Risotto with White Tiger Prawns, Patagonian Baby Squid, Seabass, Saldanha Bay Black Mussels, Pomodoro, Mascarpone to their Seabass with Garlic, Rosa Tomato, Olives, Thyme, Baby Fennel, Baby Potatoes to their Riebeek-Kasteel Lamb loin Cutlets with Charred Summer Vegetables, Garden Herbs, Pepper Sauce and so much more.

The bar menu has an impressive selection of cocktails and wine, making it the perfect spot for after-work drinks or a night out with friends.

The ambiance at The Nines is laid-back and casual, with comfortable seating and friendly staff, ready to offer recommendations or suggestions. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed lunch or a night out on the town, The Nines is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the best that Cape Town has to offer.



Scala is an Italian restaurant headed by Chef Luciano Monosilio, that offers a taste of authentic Italian cuisine in a sophisticated and elegant setting.

The menu boasts a range of classic Italian pastas that are served as sharing plates, and topped with a variety of delicious meat, seafood, chicken, and cheese sauces.

Scala’s bar also offers a selection of Italian wines and cocktails to perfectly complement the flavors of the dishes.

Additionally, the restaurant has a private dining room, perfect for hosting intimate dinners or special occasions. With its delicious food, elegant ambiance, and impeccable service, Scala is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a taste of Italy in Cape Town.

It is located at 81 Church Street, Heritage Square, Cape Town.

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Silk Asian Fusion

Silk Asian Fusion is one of the newest restaurants to open in Cape Town (December 2022), and it takes a tapas-style approach. You can expect delicious small plates that range from potstickers to succulent robatayaki fire-grill meats.

Some of their dishes tht are a must try include delicious and soft takoyaki batter balls filled with octopus, crispy lamb wontons with pickled daikon and the delectable and tender fire-grilled pork belly slices with jalapeno sauce. All of this cooked to perfection!

The restaurant boasts a chic and modern decor, with comfortable seating and an inviting atmosphere. With its delicious food, excellent service, and stylish ambiance, Silk Asian Fusion is a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the diverse flavors of Asian cuisine in Cape Town.

Silk Asian Fusion is located at 108 Shortmarket Street.

Pic: Inside Guide


“We want to create a relaxed, vibey restaurant that serves beautiful bowls of authentic ramen and other streetfood snacks.” says chef Peter Tempelhoff. Having gotten the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards 2022 nod, much is expected, and Ramenhead does not disappoint.

Ramenhead is a popular restaurant that specializes in authentic Japanese ramen dishes. The restaurant boasts a cozy and laid-back atmosphere, perfect for a casual lunch or dinner with friends or family.

The menu offers a wide variety of ramen dishes, ranging from Tonkotsu and miso ramen to more unique options like Tori Chintan, to Waygu Mazemen.

Additionally, Ramenhead serves a range of small plates and appetizers, such as Waygu Biltong and Edamame, as well as refreshing drinks like Japanese tea. With its delicious food and welcoming ambiance, Ramenhead is a must-visit restaurant for any ramen lover in Cape Town.

It opened in October 2022, and is located at Speakers Corner, 37 Parliament Street, Cape Town.


Ouzeri is a Greek restaurant that opened in June 2022, that offers authentic Greek cuisine.

The restaurant exudes a warm and inviting ambiance, featuring cozy interiors adorned with traditional Greek décor. The menu boasts a selection of classic Greek dishes, such as souvlaki, moussaka, and spanakopita, as well as lesser-known specialties like saganaki and octopus.

Ouzeri also has an extensive wine list, featuring a range of Greek wines to perfectly complement the flavors of the dishes. Additionally, the restaurant offers a selection of mezze plates, perfect for sharing with friends and family. With its delicious food and friendly atmosphere, Ouzeri is a perfect spot to experience the rich flavors of Greece in Cape Town.


Hacienda, a Mexican restaurant that opened last year, offers a vibrant and colorful dining experience by bringing a state of Mexico straight to the mother City. The restaurant’s interiors are inspired by traditional Mexican haciendas, featuring bright colors, rustic decor, and plenty of greenery.

The menu boasts an extensive selection of classic Mexican dishes, including tacos, enchiladas, and burritos, as well as lesser-known specialties like chilaquiles and tamales. Hacienda’s bar also serves a range of signature cocktails, such as margaritas and palomas, as well as a selection of Mexican beers and tequilas.

With its lively atmosphere, delicious food and refreshing drinks, Hacienda is the perfect spot for a fun night out with friends or a casual dinner with family.

Hacienda is located on 92 Bree Street, Cape Town City Centre.

Pic: Aspire Lifestyle


Emazulwini Restaurant is a modern Zulu inspired restaurant which seeks to celebrate Nguni cuisine and South African ingredients.

Mmabatho Molefe, who is heading the Emazulwini dining concept, has upgraded her 10 seater space to a 40-seater space, and the view is not bad, considering that visitors will be looking at the harbour and cruise ship docks. Best of all, there is a new 7-course tasting menu that is being introduced.

This delicious Zulu-cuisine is a winner, which makes Emazulwini the ideal choice if you want some African inspired dishes.

Emazulwini is located at Maker’s Landing, The Cruise Terminal, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.

The dining scene in Cape Town is thriving, it seems like every week there is a new restaurant being opened.

Which is great for foodies, because they are spoilt for choice.



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