The Apple Watch Ultra Price in South Africa

The Apple Watch Ultra has officially launched but it will be a bit before it is available in South Africa. Preorders are open at the iStore right now.

This is the newest Apple Watch which is designed for explorers and adventurers.

The Apple Ultra Watch comes with great advantages, it has great durability, it comes with great fitness features and more. At a glance . . . the Apple Watch Ultra is Apple’s most rugged Apple Watch to date, and it comes with improved GPS, a more durable display, a 49mm casing, an extra long battery life, a built-in Action button, and more. Just those features are already impressive!

Apple Watch Ultra: The Features

  • 49mm case
  • Flat sapphire front crystal
  • 36 hour battery life (More depending on usage)
  • Dual-frequency GPS
  • Action button
  • Depth app for divers
  • All Series 8 features

This watch is the perfect watch to compete with the other fitness-focused smart watches from other brands, and if you are an athlete or into sports, then this is the perfect watch for you. The battery life that is packed into this watch is also one great feature that is hard to ignore.

The Apple Watch Ultra lasts for up to 36 hours on a single charge, and depending on the settings that you have on, you can push the battery to last for up to 60 hours.The watch comes with dual frequency GPS, which means that it provides the most accurate GPS of any Apple Watch to date. We are talking precise distance, data for the route that you take, pace data, and data for training.

One thing that also makes this watch great is that athletes that do water sports will be able to use this watch. The Apple Watch Ultra can hold it’s own for those athletes that do scuba diving, kitesurfing and more, things one couldn’t do with the old Apple watch models.  

As if we aren’t impressed already, the Apple Watch Ultra also comes with everything that the Apple Watch Series 8 comes with. It can monitor your heart rate, it can take your ECG readings, it can track your sleep, it can monitor your blood oxygen, and it can track all the other fitness things as well.

Apple Watch Ultra Price

So how much will the Apple Watch Ultra cost you? This watch is available in South Africa for preorder right now. It will set you back a cool R18 999.



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