Sphesihle Ceecee Ndaba Reportedly Gets Canned From Gomora

Sphesihle ‘Ceecee’ Ndaba who plays the role of Mazet on the hit series Gomora reportedly gets canned. If this is true, fans of the show have to say goodbye to Mazet.

According to reports, Gomora actress Siphesihle Ndaba will be leaving the show, as her contract was not renewed, allegedly. According to Zimoja, Mazet will be exiting Gomora very soon.

ZiMoja sources say her contract wasn’t renewed because her character “lacked excitement.”

“Don’t take me wrong, she is a brilliant actress, but she lacked something for the show,” said one of the sources.

“When she joined the show, she won the hearts of the viewers with her enthralling performances as Mazet, but she no longer has that thing. At first, they thought changing her wardrobe would add a different element but nothing changed. They put her in a relationship but there was no range of emotions, and this was the last option.”‍

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How Sphesihle Ndaba Landed the role of Mazet on Gomora

If you ever watched Gomora, you will remember how she was a woman gangster that we all fell in love with.

And her character evolved quite a bit, we saw her get hurt and get paralysed, we saw her fall in love with Ntokozo, we saw her kill a few people and we even saw her get close with Phumulani. And as hardcore as she has been, we also saw a softer side to her.

Recalling on how she got her part in Gomora, she calls it her moment of luck!

“I saw an open audition advertised on instagram. I had just graduated so I thought meh  let me go check this out, I have nothing better to do with my day. I get to the audition venue, I look around and I see some really talented people who are already in the industry” wrote Siphesihle Ndaba.

“So I turned around… again and went back inside. I remember filling out a form and they had a section for “film/tv experience” I freaked out some more cause I had only done theatre productions. I left it blank injalo, went in and waited for my turn…” added Ndaba

“Fast forward a couple months later, after 4 callbacks I get the role  and I am cast as a LEAD ON THE MOST WATCHED SHOW ON DSTV!  Moral of the story: DO NOT LET IMPOSTER SYNDROME CHEAT YOU OUT OF YOUR DESTINY!” concluded Siphesihle Ndaba.

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What’s next after Gomora for Sphesihle Ndaba?

According to sources, Ceecee Ndaba will not be stranded for work after Gomora. She has work lined up for her, which involves her going back to doing theatre work.

“Before landing the role as Mazet on Gomora Ceecee was cast in a lot of theatre productions. She will go back to theatre,” the source continued.

She has done shows like, I Am An Emotional Creature by Eve Ensler, Race by David Mamet , The Witches by Roald Dahl and more!

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