San Martinho Beach Club Bilene – A Review

San Martinho Beach Club is a dream for holiday makers. It is right by the beach, and there’s nothing like waking up in the morning and having the beach right by your door.

The view is breathtaking, and the sound of the waves makes it even more stunning. And in a few metres, with the sand under your feet and between your toes, you are in the water.

Did I mention the beautiful palm trees that just add to the beauty of that place? It is utterly stunning . . . let’s get in a bit deeper.

Mozambique is a beautiful country . . . and we totally fell in love with it!

First Impression & Checking In at San Martinho Beach Club in Bilene

When you plan to stay at San Martinho, you need to make sure that you book in advance, because the place is so beautiful and popular, that you don’t want to get disappointed, and have it be fully booked.

We left Johannesburg in the AM’s for Mozambique, and we pretty much travelled the entire day. by the time we got to Bilene, it was dark and we were exhausted.

Lucky for us, the check in process at San Martinho Beach Club was seamless and quick. Reception was efficient and friendly, and within minutes we had everything we needed including the keys to our chalet.

The stuff were also very helpful, they showed us where our chalet was, and helped us by carrying all our bags to our home for the long weekend.

We were exhausted from the trip, all we could really do was have a look at our chalet, have some food over a drink or two and we ere off to bed.

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San Martinho Beach Club Accommodation

We had booked the 6 sleeper self catering apartment, right by the beach, and it was perfect!

It was a double story apartment, with a kitchen, a lounge, a patio where we had all our meals. It was clean and it had everything that we needed for a comfortable stay.

The kitchen was fully equipped, and it had everything we needed to cook any meal that we wanted, including a microwave, a fridge, a stove and everything you would need your kitchen to have.

Outside by the patio, were braai facilities, if we chose to go that route.

Our apartment was fully furnished and had air conditioning, bathroom towels, ceiling fan, hairdryer, clean linen, lockup safe . . . and spacious.

Things to do in San Martinho Beach Club, Bilene

There is so much to do at San Martinho Beach Club, from water sports to exploring the market to playing games. Going on holiday at this place leaves you spoilt for choice for what you are able to do and enjoy.

Boat Cruise – One of the things that you must do when you are in San Martinho Beach Club is a boat cruise . . . even better if it’s a sunset boat cruise.

The feeling of a speed boat, on that beautiful water is insane.

For those who want the slow boat cruise, you are totally free to enjoy that as well. You could enjoy that ocean breeze with a glass of champagne and nibbles as you take it all in.

Water activities – If you love water sports, this holiday spot is perfect for you. You can do paddle boats, wake boarding, water skiing and more.

Bike Hire: If you would rather explore the beach club and the Bilene on a bike, you can do so. You can hire a bicycle and explore this beautiful place, at your own pace.

Gym – If you are those people that want to exercise while on vacation, great. This beach club has a gym on site, so you can stay connected to your exercise schedule while on holiday.

The market – The market is a few minutes walk from the beach club. Exploring the market is a great way to get in touch with the locals, and experience the foods, a bit of culture. You might even find cute things to buy for your loved ones back home.

The beach – This beach club is right on the beach, and nothing says dreamy tropical holiday like waking up on the beach. So make sure you have all your essentials for the beach, and don’t forget to pack your flops, sunscreen, sunglasses and whatever else that you need. Nothing beats relaxing on the day beds, sipping on a tropical cocktail with the vast ocean right in front of you.

Fishing – If fishing is your thing, awesome! You can do deep sea or guided shore fishing, whatever tickles your fancy.

There is so much to do at San Martinho Beach Club, you will have the time of your life relaxing, doing what you love.

Where to Eat at San Martinho Beach Club

San Martinho Beach Club has a restaurant on site which can help you with meals. Sandbar Café and Lounge is right on the beach, which adds a whole of amazingness into an already amazing experience! You can enjoy great vibes, amazing views and nice delicious seafood, pizza, pasta, burgers, prawns and more.

However that can get expensive very quickly, unless budget is no object.

The accommodation is self catering, so you absolutely can opt to cook your own meals.

There are restaurants not too far from San Martinho, that you can try out and have an authentic Mozambican meal as well.


Mozambique Bilene is beautiful, and San Martinho Beach Club is absolutely stunning . . . it’s really the perfect place for a dreamy, tropical holiday. Nothing beats having the beach right by where you are.

The food, the place, the beach, the people and the culture just makes it a beautiful holiday destination that I highly recommend.

We had so much fun, we are definitely going back!



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