Petrol and Diesel Price Increases Coming in February 2023

Petrol price hike 2023

South Africans are in for another petrol and diesel increase in February. Just when we thought the prices are going in a good direction, 2023 is hitting us with another increase quite early on.

Everything is just on the high, and super expensive, and with the job losses and the high unemployment rate, even middle class South Africa are starting the feel the pinch. R1000 right now does not get much of anything at the grocery shops, and with petrol increasing again, food and everything else will also increase.

Official fuel price increases are yet to be determined officially, but by the looks of things, we might be looking at hefty prices to the tune of 70c increase in petrol.

Gone are the days when we would pay R10 a litre of petrol, and less, and couple this with load shedding and crime, South Africa has become a place where many are desperate and frustrated.

As dire as the situation looks, here is:

How Save Petrol in South Africa 2023

For starters, if you have an economical car, you are already miles ahead of everyone else. This is by far the best way to save petrol and make it stretch for much longer.

As for everyone else with a car who is looking to save, here are some few tips:

#1. Keep it flowy

Have you ever been in a car where the pull off is abrupt and the person behind the wheel is just driving in a manner that makes you want to be the one driving i.e changing lanes in a weird way, braking abruptly and jerking your body . . . you get the picture right?

That kind of driving just eats up your petrol, the best way to save it is to make it smooth. When you have to brake, press lightly instead of pressing it abruptly and hard, and do the same with take off.

#2. Stop Driving Fast

Driving fast will chow your petrol quickly, because the faster you drive, the more petrol your car is going to consume.

So for a 120 km/hr speed zone, you may want to do 90 km/h to a 100km/h, as that will save you money.

And when you do that speed, make sure you are not on the fast lane, so those who have rubber to burn can still do so safely.

Lastly, a low speed below 50 km/hr is a no-no, unless the speed limit demands so.

#3. Keep the aircon off

Yes, I know South Africa can get pretty hot, especially in the summer months. But as you know, the aircon eats up a lot of petrol.

But for short trips and trips where you are feeling hot but are not sweating, you might want to pass that up. And keep the windows closed too.

If you have to use the aircon, use it intermittently.

#4. Find out about the traffic

Driving in traffic is a surefire way to chow your petrol. The best way is to find out what the traffic is like before you get started on your journey, as this will tell you where the most traffic is at.

This will allow you to avoid the congestion.

#5. Keep the car light

Most of us tend to carry stuff around in the car, which is bad for petrol consumption.

What you should do is to carry what you need to for the journey you are taking. That load reduction will definitely save you money.

#6. Don’t Ignore the Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure is important.

If you drive your car at the wrong tyre pressure, it will affect your petrol consumption. The best way to save money is to make sure that your tyres are at the pressure that they are supposed to be.

#Service Your Car

You have probably noticed how the car eats up more petrol if you skip a service or two.

That’s the reason why maintaining your car and servicing it when its due is so important. Your engine needs to stay healthy, otherwise it will eat up petrol very quickly and will get expensive as things will start breaking down and need replacing.


Petrol hike is inevitable for South Africans, all we can do now is to try and save petrol as best as we can. Hope these petrol saving tips will help you stretch it as much as you can.



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