Nokia T20 Tablet Review

We have had the Nokia T20 Tablet for a few weeks, and we have found it to be an impressive tablet with excellent battery life. Here is our review of the tablet, hopefully it will shed some light on what you can expect should you decide to purchase it.

The Nokia T20 64GB Tablet is an entry-level tablet that costs under R5000 . . . it comes with a 10-inch full HD screen, a metal body, and Android 11.

Let’s dig into the tablet a little deeper.

Nokia T20 Design:

Nokia T20 feels premium all the way in your hands. It comes in a metal body that has a nice metallic blue color. It also has a plastic part on the top, where the volume adjustment and microSD card slot can be found.

It has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, as well as a USB C port. It’s 7.8mm thin and weighs just 465g, light enough to work on it for long period of time and small enough to not take too much space in your bag.

It does not have fingerprint unlock capabilities, but it can be unlocked with the webcam and facial recognition which works well.

Nokia T20 Display & Audio

The Nokia T20 tablet comes in a 10.4-inch display with a resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels. I welcomed the 10.4 inch display, it made watching Youtube, editing the blog and pretty much everything I do on the phone a lot better, because of the bigger screen, which I enjoyed a lot.

I also learned very quickly that the tablet has adaptive brightness, and I liked when it adjusted itself. I noticed though that one can choose the brightness that they want, and then switch off this feature, which also works very well.

I also tested the outdoor readability, and found it to be quite good. I had no issues using the tablet outside or inside the home.

One of the features that I liked a lot about the Nokia T20 Tablet is the fingerprint resistance, it makes the tablet so much easier to use, as you don’t need to wipe the screen time and time again.

I really enjoyed the display on this tablet, it is very good for media consumption and, I must say I stopped watching anything on my phone and switched to watching on the tablet. I blame the bigger screen with the great display for this.

Let’s talk about the Nokia T20 audio output quality.

The stereo speakers come with OZO Playback, and they provided a great audio listening experience. It makes watching videos very enjoyable and the sound can be quite loud, if you choose to have it loud.

Nokia T20 Tablet Cameras

On the Nokia T20 the main camera comes in 8 MP, the front-facing camera comes in 5 MP. It also has a flash, which can help when the lighting is not great.

I mostly spent my time consuming media more than shooting videos and pictures, and the few that I shot and recorded were decent.

I guess I am not one of those people that shoot videos and pictures with a tablet, I still prefer to do that with my phone.

Nokia T20 Review: Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed the Nokia T20 Tablet, I enjoyed the large screen, especially for watching videos and social media. I loved that the tablet has Google Entertainment Space, and I loved all my video streaming apps, games, and ebooks were all together.

The battery on this tablet impressed me a lot. On a full charge we enjoyed more than 7 hrs of video watching which was amazing. It does take quite a bit of time to charge when it’s running empty.

Also, its high quality build is a huge plus.

I loved that the Nokia T20 tablet is an affordable tablet that is is durable, safe for kids with an impressive battery life.

Disclaimer: The tablet was given to us to review for a few weeks



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