National Shutdown for Load Shedding to go Ahead on 20 March 2023

EFF Announced Date for Load Shedding Shutdown

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have announced the date for the National Shutdown planned for South Africa, for the 20 March 2023, and saying that it is going ahead.

Commander-In-Chief (CIC), Julius Malema has addressed the media, and made it clear that the shutdown is going ahead, and nothing will stop it. One thing that he also said is that President Ramaphosa needs to “step down with immediate effect”, because according to him, he has failed South Africa.

“20 March 2023 is our Freedom Day. Our freedom that was stolen by the criminals of the ANC shall be returned. We are going to return the light by removing the man who switches off your lights.”

Load shedding has been a nightmare for South Africans, and instead of things getting better, they just get worse and worse every day. People have reported no power for hours at a time, and things are bound to get way worse in the winter months.

Malema says that on that day, there will be no trucks moving, or trains. Everything will basically come to a standstill. . . and based on Twitter, a lot of people are in support of the shutdown, as people are just gatvol. Businesses are suffering, not the mention the small businesses that are working from home.

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“The national shutdown means that there will be no school, no university, factories and no business will be operating on that day. 

“All municipalities and all major cities will be shut down and there will be no work on that day. All major roads will be barricaded and all ports of entry, including roads that lead to borders, will be closed…

“No business operations will be opened on that day and no truck, and no train will be allowed on the roads and railways, particularly the trucks transporting South Africa’s minerals and coal to outside South Africa through Richards Bay.”

Schools, businesses and universities will not be open and operating on 20 March as well as municipalities and major cities.

In all seriousness, South Africa is in shambles right now. Not only do we have to deal with load shedding, other issues include the high unemployment rate, increased crime (including GBV), the cost of living and prices of everything increasing, high petrol costs, corruption . . . the list goes on and on.

The ANC have not done a good job, and the very people that voted for them are suffering. One thing is clear . . . something must change, and it needs to change fast!



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