Nadia Nakai and AKA’s final interview together

Rappers Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes and Nadia ‘Bragga’ Nakia started dating secretly back in 2021, and made their relationship known by attending an event together. Soon after that, they made their relationship Instagram official, when they shared pics together.

Recently, they sat down with The Insider SA and allowed them into their home, and shared their love story. They shared on how they met, what happened on their first date and gave insight about their matching tattoos that they have.

The interview with the couple takes place in their kitchen, as they share their love story over cooking some Mac N Cheese and mince.

Nadia shared that AKA was amazing at spicing meat, and he added that most of the dishes that he cooked were from his childhood.

The couple’s first date was at AKA’s house. Nadia says AKA went all out, he cooked for her, had candles on and that the date was very romantic. Being in the public eye, they both agreed that they love being at home.

In the interview, they also touched on the matching tattoo that they got back in November 2022. AKA shared that he liked the idea of the tattoo “because it’s for life”.

He went on to explain about their tattoos: “So, it’s a sword, Excalibur, which is the sword of King Arthur. And half of the face is a male lion, and the other half is a lioness, and when you put them together, you get the lion king and queen.”

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How AKA and Nadia Nakai Met

The couple met years ago, when Nadia Nakai was working for Icon. And as for their relationship, AKA said it “blossomed organically”.

Nadia said:

“It was just like it just happened the way that it happened, and I don’t know how to explain it, but it feels like something that God did; God placed us together when we really needed each other at that time. And it’s just beautiful. And I don’t think I need to keep explaining the Cassper element of it because it’s not like Cassper was my ex-boyfriend. No, I was signed to his label, and I left, and we moved.”

Nadia Nakai was signed to Cassper Nyovest’s Family Tree record label, and because of that a relationship with AKA ( a rival to Cassper Nyovest) just wouldn’t have been possible. It is no secret that AKA and Cassper didn’t get along, and their rivalry has been well documented.

And when she got into a relationship with AKA, after leaving Family Tree, people thought it was out of spite. However, Bragga as she is fondly known, rubbished those claims.

“There’s no spite,” she said. “I could never want to spite Cassper.”

“He gave me such a big opportunity in my career to do that to him. I’d never do that to get Cassper back. I still have major respect for him. I appreciate so much that he’s done in my career. It wasn’t about that.”

VIDEO: AKA and Nadia Share Their Love Story

Prior to dating Nadia Nakai, AKA was in a relationship with Anele Tembe, who he was also engaged to. Tragically, she fell off the balcony in a hotel in Cape Town, after the couple were reportedly in a fight.

It’s been beautiful to see their relationship blossom. This past December, the couple went on holiday with their families, which was beautiful to see.

Super sad that their love story was cut short, due to someone being evil. May Nadia find healing, and may his soul rest in peace.



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