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My Experience at Kream Restaurant

Date night is my definite favourite as I get to dress up and get all dolled up for my partner. I make it a mission to find upmarket establishments for my dining experience. Kream was the winner this time around.

We did not have a reservation as it was an impromptu gesture from my Lover. I must say I was very impressed by how professional they were with regards to requesting that we wait a few moments for an available table and eventually leading us to our table. My general impression of the eatery was great, the staff were all formally and neatly dressed, they were all eager to assist to make our dining experience a ‘fine’ one.

 Our waiter introduced himself and took his time going through all their specials for the day…then proceeded to recommend Kream’s specialities. We ordered a bottle of Pinotage, I was absolutely impressed by the fact that he made sure that he was there to top up our glasses throughout the entire dining experience.

I ordered lamb chops with mash and greens, the Lover ordered Ribs with chips and salad…..The presentation was visually appealing. The portions were just right and the meat specifications were perfect. I enjoyed my meal and some of my Lovers food ‘Winks”.

The actual space is aesthetically pleasing, our table was indoors but very close to outdoor tables which gave us an amazing view to enjoy (Also loved taking photos on the patio). The background music was perfect for the ambiance but also enjoyed the volume as it allowed me and the Lover to have quality conversations without any issues.

I without a doubt will visit Kream Mall of Africa again as I enjoyed the experience from start to finish.









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  1. Dining Experience at Kream Restaurant – love Coincidentally

    February 18, 2021

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