Mohale Motaung’s Abuse Allegations Against his Estranged Husband Somizi Mhlongo

Social Media has been abuzz this past couple of days, following shocking abuse claims that Mohale Motaung suffered at the hands of his estranged husband Somizi Mhlongo.

Sunday World broke the story, and went on to leak audio clips of what is believed to be an interview between Mohale and the producers of Living the Dream with Somizi. The information contained in the article and the audio clips, reveal some shocking information about Mohale and Somizi’s relationship and marriage.

The pair tied the knot in early 2020, but it wasn’t as it seemed to the rest of us. The pair allegedly have had a rocky relationship from the beginning of their relationship, with abuse claims.

Here is some of what we learned from the Mohale’s audio confessions:

  1. Somizi didn’t want Mohale to get certain gigs. He wanted Mohale to focus on their relationship and not work as hard, and he has apparently went as far as asking people ie The Fergusons to not give Mohale a job. Mohale appeared in Rockville 5.

“There was a point where I was planning on working with the Fergusons. I was speaking with Connie and all of a sudden she stops speaking to me and Shona as well stopped speaking to me,” he said. 

“Two years later, which was last year, I find out that TT went to them and told them not to give me a job, then I confronted Somizi and then he confronted TT, then they broke up as friends, but I figured that Somizi probably told TT to go and tell the Ferguson’s not to give me a job because he is the only person I spoke to about the conversation I had with Connie and Shona,” he continued. 

2. Mohale admitted to cheating on Somizi in the beginning of their relationship

“I cheated once on him. That was at the very beginning of our relationship but after that he’s always had his thoughts that I cheat him,” 

“So at the beginning of the relationship, I hadn’t ended my relationship with this person when I got into this relationship with him, so when I got into this relationship with him, I still had this lingering thing with this person and I didn’t break it off and he found out,” he continued. 

3. Mohale shared how Somizi wanted to open the relationship to 3 sums

Their sexual relationship was complicated, it seemed. Mohale shared how Somizi would want them to have 3 sums or introduce other people into the relationship . . . something he says he never entertained in the marriage.

Their relationship it seems was toxic and abusive, as Mohale describes it in the audio. The last time the couple shared each other’s pics on social media was on Christmas 2020, and things seemed rocky before then as they stopped posting each other on social media. There have been talk of trouble in paradise months prior to this audio coming out and talks of the pair divorcing.

Mohale has said that even though they married in community of property, all he wants is a car and his clothes, as Somizi damaged his car during one of their heated arguments.

Somizi has kept mum throughout all the allegations, and referred everyone to his lawyers. In the meantime, the pair have been trending on social media with a lot of people standing with Mohale.

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