Mohale Motaung On the Record: What We Know

Mohale Motaung to tell all in TV interview – Abuse, Control & more


Mohale Motaung’s Tell All Interview is today, and it’s not even 11 yet, and he is already breaking the internet. He gets to sit down with Aldrin Sampear and tell his side of the story with regards to his relationship and marriage with tv star Somizi Mhlongo.


A lot has been reported on their relationship and marriage, from the time Somizi proposed to Mohale in Paris back in 2018, to their highly documented and publicized wedding. But as quickly as they got together and what seemed like a beautiful whirlwind romance, things started falling apart very soon after they got married. With all the rumours swirling around, everything came to a head start when an audio of Mohale Motaung was leaked, where he was talking about the abuse that he suffered in his relationship and marriage.

If you have been following the New Season of Living the Dream with Somizi, much of the storyline involves Mohale very heavily, and we have heard pretty much Somizi’s side of the story, where in certian cases he even portrays Mohale as a gold digger, and almost bashing him. And today, Mohale had his day to talk about what happened.


This is what we learned from Mohale Tell all Interview on Showmax:

Mohale’s Family Backgound

Mohale has a beautiful family background. I loved how the interview started with Mohale interacting with his family, and the family giving us an insight into him, what he was like as a child and all. His parents are seen on video talking about their child, and his 2 sisters are also seen talking about their brother. It gave us an insight into Mohale the person, as opposed to the Mohale that is portrayed on social media. His parents even explained the meaning behind his name “Mohale”, meaning a hero or someone brave.

The Many Red Flags in the Relationship

In the interview, Mohale speaks about the many “red flags” that he saw from the beginning of the relationship, which were not red flags then, according to him, because he was in love with Somizi and he was of the hope that his partner would change.

Their romance was a whirlwind one, 5 months into the relationship, they were in Paris, with Somizi ready to propose. During that time though, Mohale says that Somizi was flirting and talking with with guy, who he later suggested to Mohale to have a threesome with.

On their first date, Somizi rocked up with his friends (I believe he said 6 of them), so it wasn’t so much of a lets hang and get to know each other better, it was more for his friends to see his new find and what they thought about him.

We also learn that Somizi wanted Mohale to quit his 9 to 5 job, and went to the extent of calling Mohale’s boss to release him for the Paris trip, because Mohale had exhausted all his leave days. Also, Mohale says he was not eady to make the relationship public when they did, but it was something Somizi wanted to do, so he obliged.

The most shocking one of all for me was when Somizi didn’t want Mohale to work, but constantly reminding him that he brings nothing to the table. Mohale says Somizi just wanted a house husband, to the point where he would ask industry powerhouses to not give Mohale gigs.

It’s a lot . . . but as Mohale says, even when the abuse happened, he thought his partner would change as he would promise that certain things wouldn’t happen again. And as he says, he was in love.


Somizi’s friends knew what was going on their relationship

In the interview, Mohale indicated that some of his friends knew what was going on the relationship. Like the time they had a physical fight, and Thami Dish called Mohale to tell him that Somizi was sorry, and that they should meet up and talk about things.

There was also Vusi Nova, who was very vocal on LTDWS Season 5 that he didn’t like Mohale, and he just tolerated him because Somizi loved him. When it comes to Vusi Nova, Mohale indicated that Vusi and Somizi were not even that close when he started his relationship with Somizi. He really didn’t want to say much about it, because he says they had such brief instances between them, but Vusi is one of the people that would call him to ask him to fix his relationship with Somizi.

Mohale said, “I didn’t know much about him (Vusi) and I wasn’t sure how much he knew of me”

Mohale never asked for 50% of Somizi Mhlongo’s Assets

On LTDWS Season 5, Somizi has made several references regarding their divorce, and saying that Mohale was gunning for 50% of his assets.

With this interview, Mohale made it very clear that it was never the case. According to the documentation that we saw on the tell-all, he asked for his clothes, his car that Somizi had damaged during one of their physical altercations and 50% from the proceeds from their wedding. In fact, Somizi is the one who suggested that he get 50% of everything . . . SHOCKER!!



Final Thoughts

I loved how Mohale took responsibility for the things that he did wrong in the relationship . . . like the fact that he cheated on Somizi 3 months into the relationship.

He’s also not oblivious to the fact that his relationship with Somizi is one that catapulted him to fame. It’s the reason he’s in the public eye, and why he got the some of the endosement deals that he got.

Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung clearly loved each other a lot at some point in their lives, we can only hope that they both find the healing they need and move on from this chapter of their lives.




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