Matthew Booth and his alleged mistress are said to be living together

Matthew Booth is said to have taken the next step in his relationship with this alleged side chick, Bongani Mthombeni Moller.

Late last year, Sonia Booth took to social media to air her dirty laundry with her husband Matthew booth, and shared the journey of how she found out that he was having an affair. According to Sonia, their affair had started on 14 February 2022, and she went on to share receipts of flowers and lunches that her husband and Bongani Mthombeni Moller were enjoying together.

The couple apparently even spent a night together in Polokwane.

“They spent the night in Polokwane and the following day he dropped her off at her house. I bet it was bliss because @matthewboothza arrived home with an exquisitely wrapped gift box, one of the perfumes being ‘Guilty,’” wrote Sonia.

His alleged mistress was also said to be married and Sonia was even talking to her husband, who seemed to collaborate parts of what she was sharing about the affair.

Sonia also went on to detail the famous cheese cake story, where she shared how her husband Matthew had baked a cake on the eve of their son’s birthday, thinking he was baking it for their son. And alas, the next morning, the cheesecake was gone because in actual fact he had been baking it for his side.

At the time, Matthew denied having the affair, and actually lawyered up to get Sonia to retract certain things that she had put out there.

And now, a few months later, it seems Matthew and his side are taking things to the next level, by cohabiting.

According to ZiMoja sources, the couple are no longer hiding the fact that they are together.

A fresh Start for Matthew Booth and Bongani Mthombeni Moller

According to the source, the couple are very much together.

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‘Matthew met Bongani’s family and the couple spent the festive season together. Matthew has made it clear that he loves his new woman and was willing to take the bullet when Sonia exposed them. A man like Mathew would never just abandon his family to be with another woman, this is called love,” the source added.

The couple may decide to take an even bigger step in the future, when it comes to their relationship. “They are still enjoying each other’s company for now and living in the moment. They both left their spouses and moved in together”. Matthew is said to be smitten with his new love, who he has also introduced to his family.

As for Sonia Booth, she has since started a cheesecake business, and according to sources, she is happy and moving on with her life.

With her new business keeping busy, she is carving a new normal for herself, and getting her coin too.

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