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Load Shedding Shuts Down Maps Maponyane’s Buns Out

Popular burger joint Buns Out is closing, due to loadshedding. Maps Maponyane’s burger outlet in Linden will be closing it’s doors on the 9th of October, citing load shedding as the reason.

Co-owner Tom Savage told TimesLIVE that it had become increasingly difficult to continue doing business, in recent months. Savage said they do not have a generator and as a small company, less than three years old, don’t have the funds to buy one.

“We don’t have disposable income. If we need to install a generator properly, we need at least R55,000 and we don’t have it,” he said. 

“Every time we hang on to the hope that things will get better, they don’t; instead it keeps on getting tougher,” he said.

Savage said stage six load-shedding was what finally broke the camels back.

“On Mondays we operate between midday and 8pm. In that period you would find that we only have three hours of electricity. That affects us because our business relies heavily on electricity,” he said. 

Buns Out is not the only place that has had to buckle because of loadshedding.

Loadshedding has really left South Africa in a state of shambles, and it has had a horrible effect on businesses, especially small businesses and the people who are working from home. For many, the many hours of no electricity have had such a negative effect on businesses, which has put a massive strain on a lof of people financially.

Food gets spoilt, people have to deal with cancellations, orders have to be put on hold and many more challenges, putting even more financial strain on a country that is already struggling.

What makes it worse, is that there does not seem to be any relief on site . . . anytime soon.



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