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Lazy Makoti, J’Something and Amarula Cream Liqueur team up for SA cookbook 


Get ready for a truly South African culinary delight as Lazy Makoti, J’Something, and Amarula Cream Liqueur join forces to create a cookbook that celebrates the country’s unique flavors and the creative prowess of home chefs.

In this exciting collaboration, these celebrated celebrity chefs will curate a collection of recipes submitted by the people of Mzansi for the upcoming #TheGreatMarulaMenu cookbook. Whether it’s a dessert, main meal, or cocktail, everyone is encouraged to share their one-of-a-kind recipe that incorporates a touch or a generous measure of Amarula Cream Liqueur.

With a focus on self-expression, these recipes utilizing any of the delightful Amarula Cream Liqueur flavors will be carefully reviewed by the chefs. The chosen recipes will not only be featured in the cookbook but will also be named after their talented creators, giving credit where it’s due.

Prepare to embark on a culinary journey that embraces the richness of South African cuisine and the enchanting flavors of Amarula Cream Liqueur. This cookbook will showcase the diversity and creativity of home chefs, ensuring that their delightful recipes become a part of culinary history.

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Lazy Makoti says she is thrilled to be part of the exciting initiative to ignite the creativity of South African kitchens everywhere.

“Amarula has long been a part of our proud heritage and finally we are putting together a cookbook to celebrate that. I am especially excited to see consumers experimenting with making delicious savoury dishes – that for me will be tops- finding creative ways to add Amarula in unexpected ways and I know South Africans are up for the challenge. Best of all – these recipes will end up in this incredible cookbook. I can’t wait to taste the talent!”

J-Something says “The great thing I have found about cooking is that there is no real right or wrong. I actually believe it’s better understood as trial and error. When I started cooking with Amarula and not just enjoying it over some ice, what made it really come alive was when I started to see it for what it is, a cream liqueur. Cooking with alcohol has many benefits and so does cream, so when I started to apply these ideas to savoury dishes, I really started to taste the unique dishes and delicious things that come out of my kitchen.”

“This book is not just a book to me. It’s a celebration of a drink that is part of our culture and a tribute to a fruit grown on our soil. Have fun, it’s not that serious, just cook!”

Visit to submit your unique recipe, showcasing the magic of Amarula Cream Liqueur. As you dive into the world of flavors, imagine the possibilities and create a recipe that reflects your own culinary flair.

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The successful home chefs will not only receive a special hamper but will also have the honor of being invited to a magnificent banquet. At this extraordinary event, the book featuring their individual recipes will be unveiled, celebrating their talent and contribution.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to showcase your skills and have your recipe featured in a prestigious publication. Get inspired, experiment, and let your culinary journey begin.



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