Laconco Has Liposuction and Shows Off Her New Body

Reality TV star and TV host Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco, has recently debuted her new body, leaving social media in awe. She posted some pics of herself looking super snatched, and while her fans were congratulating her for looking good, others were already speculating that she want under the knife for the new body.

There was actually a mini debate about whether she went under the knife or whether it was months of exercise and eating healthy.

BBL, or Brazilian butt lift, is all the craze right now with women. Celebrities and influencers are going for BBL , women want to have that beautiful perfect shape, perfect shaped butt, and with more women going under the knife, BBL seems to be accessible and the fastest way to get to the bodies of their dreams.

While people were wondering and asking themselves about what happened to her body, she took to Instagram to set the record straight. LaConco confirmed that she had liposuction and made it known that she had taken steps to work on her body before she did the procedure.

“Ladies hi. Please keep in your mind that my doctors have worked on what I’m blessed with. My body has been enhanced with lipo otherwise our structures are not the same. I have invested first in my body. Lipo was the last tick on my list,” she wrote on her IG.

Furthermore, she said. “It’s not more on what I wear but my structure. If you think in my latest picture I’m wearing a corset please buy it, and the same dress wears it and stands in front of the mirror to see if you will get the same results as my body”.

LaConco showed off her new body, to the delight of her followers, with this caption “It’s been three years since I tried to lose weight and stay healthy. I have to say it is difficult and uncomfortable. I no longer eat for flavor, but I consume what my body needs. I’ve been on a nutrition guide, gym, skin care, colon hydrotherapy, vitamin supplements, and Lipo. This post is to appreciate the great team that has brought me closer to the body of my dreams. The aim is not to be slim, but well shaped, beautiful skin and healthy. Ngiyabonga kakhulu ngane zakwethu🙌🏽The favour of God has been upon me, to have the ability to invest in myself, by myself this is just the beginning of reaping wonderful fruits. These images are proof of how great things take time” she wrote

She looks absolutely fabulous!



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