Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes Opens Up About His Relationship with Anele Tembe’s Family in Mass Country

Mass Country is out, and AKA has showcased just how brilliant of an artist he was (is). Every track literally has super bars on it, and in addition to the bars, AKA has shared quite a bit about his personal life with this album, like he does on every one of his albums.

With the album, the Megacy has already shared their views on the album, and they love it. In the album, AKA revisits what happened with the Tembe family after their daughter Anele Tembe fell off to her death back in April 2021.

In the album is a song called Diary (Anxiety), and it lays it all bare.

“I cannot feel no pain, nothing comes close to the way I feel when I go back in my memory bank and I see that frame. That s**t burned my brain forever, That’s where my whole life changed in the space of 30 seconds” said AKA in Diary (Anxiety).

In addition, AKA describes how the Tembe family treated him in the aftermath of her passing and how they cut him off.

“I gave it everything that I had. How you gon’ cap and not even make one phone call to my mom or my dad after we part to send down the casket? That s**t is wack. Passive aggressive. Never mind Bheki Cele, he wasn’t even on the programme. I wrote the speech and took my seat and nope nothing. My name was nowhere,” AKA says in the song.

AKA and Anele were traditionally married at the time of her death, as he had paid lobola for her, but at the time of the funeral, they left him completely off the program and denied him a voice, they never allowed him to speak.

If you haven’t herd the song, listen to it here:

The Mass Country release comes fresh off the Tembe’s basically saying that “AKA killed Anele“. This is after the NPA had met with the Tembe’s and let hem know that they would not prosecute AKA for Anele’s death, and in response to that the Tembe’s wrote a letter through their lawyer, that detailed why they believed that AKA was responsible for Anele’s death.

“The family of Anele Tembe, the late fiancée of Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, is taking the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to the high court for failing to reveal the contents of a docket that led to its decision not to prosecute the late rapper in connection with her death.” wrote City Press.

“The call that Forbes made to the reception was made after Anele Tembe had already landed on the ground. The video footage that captured her fall records a time that is prior to the call that Forbes made to the reception of the hotel. The evidence in the form of the record of the call and the video footage, which are contained in the docket were shockingly ignored. The receptionist is easily contradicted by that” reported City Press.

“The Tembes also believe that AKA did not attend to Anele who was alive 20 minutes after she landed on the ground, but instead cleaned the hotel room which had blood, and then went ahead to party with his friends after her passing. These explosive details are contained in a scathing letter which was written on behalf of the family by their lawyers TM Incorporated Attorneys to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) in the Western Cape after it declined to prosecute the rapper following an investigation into Anele’s death in June last year.” wrote City Press.

In Diary (Anxiety), we get an idea of what AKA went through , and how things unfolded for him.

After his assassination, as people were wondering who put a hit on AKA, some of his fans brought up the Tembe’s, as they clearly had not forgiven him for what happened with their daughter.

Moses Tembe, Anele’s father put out a statement as soon as the murder occurred, distancing himself and his family from it.

May both their souls rest in peace!

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