Kay Yarms is the new Head Makeup Artist for Scarlet Hill Beauty

Scarlet Hill, was launched back in 2019 by South African retailer giant Mr Price, and Mzansi fell in love with their beauty products. Having made the right moves since it’s launch, they have now roped in beauty content creator and influencer Kay Yarms to be their new Head Makeup Artist for Scarlet Hill Beauty.

Kay Yarms is well known when it comes to beauty, fashion and make up, her work has been well documented through her social media platforms, including her Youtube channel that is growing in leaps and bounds.

And with her being Scarlet Hill Beauty’s Head Makeup artist, you will learn even more about their gorgeous collection and their new beauty products, from the best to ever do it. Ladies, all the tips and tricks that you need to have your makeup looking flawless, is within reach.

Scarlet Hill Beauty has over 200 items that include lipsticks, eyeshadow, BB creams, beauty tools, and perfumes. . . all a woman needs to look and feel gorgeous!

“This brand is not just about make-up, it’s about giving people the opportunity and freedom to celebrate and express who they are,” says Donovan Baney, MD of Mr Price.

Kay Yarms Biography: Her Networth, Boyfriend, Age, car, House & more

Kay Yarms, real name Khethokuhle Ngonyama was born in April 5, 1994. She is famous for her work as a South African beauty influencer, and has been consistent with it for years, garnering her a lot of support, fans and followers throughout the years. In addition to being an influencer, she is also a businesswoman, who created her own beauty brand called Saxx Beauty.

Kay Yarms Career

After school, Kay Yarms enrolled at Witz University to study Accounting, but her love for make up and beauty was pulling her hard.

She started doing make up when she was in high school, but school would always get in the way. In 2017, she started her Youtube channel and as they say, the rest is history.

Her social media followers continued to love the things she was sharing, and her influence and followers continued to grow throughout the years.

And now, she works with brands that other influencers can only dream about. Her first major collaboration according to sources was Maybelline, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Kay Yarms Net Worth

Kay Yarms primary source of wealth is from being an influencer and being a business owner.

She is also making a ton of money on Youtube, with her thousands and thousands of subscribers and the deals that she is getting through there and the Google ads that she is getting from the views.

Her net worth is estimated to be worth between $1million to $10 million, according to sources.

One thing is clear, her networth will continue to rise as her influence and following continues to rise.

Kay Yarms Boyfriend

Kay Yarms keeps certain things about her life private, like her love life. However, last year she finally shared her man Flacko, a Nigerian rapper, and her fans loved it for her. Some people were skeptical when it came to that relationship, as Flacko was said to be a player, and worse, he had dated her friend Mbali Mkhize.

However, their relationship ended when Flacko was exposed to have been cheating on her, and now, she has not revealed anything about her love interest.

Kay Yarms Car

In 2021, Kay Yarms announced to her followers that she bought herself a brand new Mercedes Benz.

As for advice for new people that are looking to start:

“Don’t worry too much about the right equipment and expensive products. Use what you have and be consistent. Trust me there is so much space in the market, don’t listen to naysayers. Just start, do it. The key is to be authentic, be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else, it won’t work,

“I’ve learned to just trust God and let him guide me but I’d really like to open an academy soon, to teach makeup and beauty in general. I have a deep passion for teaching, so I am planning to do that.” Kay Yarms told Drum magazine.

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