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J Something’s new restaurant Artistry JHB is opening this week in Sandton

Award-winning musician and lead of Micasa, J Something, is having an epic week, and that’s because his restaurant Artistry JHB, that he has been working for quite a while will be opening this February. The 25th of February to be exact!

The location of Artistry JHB is Sandton, and while Sandton boasts many restaurants, this one is different. J Something is an musician, and a very good one, so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that his restaurant is going to be a space where food, music and art come together as one.

Artistry JHB is a restaurant that is going to have three levels: the Rooftop, Theatre and Afterparty. So, let’s break it down, so you know what you can expect.

The Rooftop is on level 3, and is going to include the “eatery, bar, pool and outdoor cinema”.

Level 2 of Artistry is the theatre, and “along with movie premieres, The Theatre will also be home to live music and theatrical performances, including comedy shows and unique, curated talks”, J Something shared on Artistry IG page.

And lastly, The Afterparty. This is a street level lounge bar, “the perfect spot to sip on a selection of classic cocktails over conversations, dissecting the thought-provoking performance in the theatre” and more.

“I have for a long time dreamt of bringing music and food together in a way that can not only bring a unique experience but can also showcase the artistry behind it all. I can’t wait for it all to unfold.”

J’Something shared

Artistry JHB will be on Fredman drive, and is opening this week on 25 February 2023. you can book your table at

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