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‘Isencane Lengane’: Siyacela hits Thando and Mzansi Reacts

As you know, Isencane Lengane has returned for another season, which opened up with Siyacela and Thando Dlamuka with their baby, while dealing with the reality that Siyacela’s father Bab Dlamuka has passed on. It became very clear that things were different in the compound, and that they missed him very much.

This season, Mzansi thought that after the death of his father, Siyacela might see things differently, and change some of his ways,. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Siyacela is Still Cheating on Thando

On this season of Isencane Lengane, Siyacela is still cheating on his wife Thando. On last week’s episode, he even left Thando and his infant son to go to Durban, to be with Manto, his side chick, to try and fix things with her, as it seems they had broken up at some point.

When he went to Durban, Thando couldn’t get a hold of him on the phone, despite them having an infant.

“When I can’t reach Siyacela on the phone, I start thinking of wrong things but I don’t care anymore. I am just waiting for him to tell me what his future plans are for us, he shouldn’t hold me back like last year,” she said.

He still wants to do isthembu (polygamy) and pushing to get a 2nd wife. And it get’s worse!

Siyacela decided that it was a good idea to have Thando (his wife) and Manto (his side) meet, so they can know each other and talk. This did not go down well, as you can imagine!

Thando flipped out, and a fight ensued, and ended up getting physical between the two women. Siyacela’s brother had to intervene to calm Thando down and remove her from that toxic situation.

Siyacela Gets Physical with Thando and Hits Her

On this weeks episode of Isencane Lengane, things get even worse, when Thando revealed that Siyacela hit her!

The couple had an argument, and instead of being a man, Siyacela decided to get physical and hit his wife, because Thando had her phone ring and was talking to a friend that Siyacela doesn’t know or approve of.

This is a huge red flag, because Siyacela wants to choose friends for his wife, and he doesn’t want her being friends with certain people, when he is the one cheating in the marriage.

He admitted on National TV that he beat Thando, because she was not ‘behaving properly’. What is even more concerning is that he seemed proud of it . . . which is sickening!

This is a shocking revelation and very concerning, in South Africa, a country where GBV is a huge issue with women and children getting beaten up and killed on the daily.

In the episode, Siyacela is also seen breaking Thando’s new phone. He legit does not want her talking to anyone, he wants her isolated and in his control . . . it’s really sad and shocking!

What Tweeps Had to Say About This Episode

The episode was trending as it does every week, and Mzansi was angry that on top of everything that Thando has been dealing with in this marriage, she now has to deal with physical abuse. A lot of people feel that Thando enables Siyacela’s behaviour and the general feeling is that she should leave him, as he just doesn’t deserve her.



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