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Is Cooking with an Air Fryer Healthy?

Is cooking with an air fryer healthy? Air fryers have become super popular lately, so much so that not having one is somewhat a crime . . .lol. Literally everyday I see new recipes and great dishes that have been created with an air fryer, and because I am thinking of getting one for my kitchen, I had to look at the benefits of having one, and the dangers of having one, if they exist.

When we look at whether air fryers are healthy, there are a few factors to take into consideration, like what you are actually cooking with the air fryer. Let’s be honest, baked salmon with asparagus will always be healthier than having a russian and chips, and steaming your food is always going to be a healthier method of preparing the food than anything else.

But, there is no doubt that investing in the best fryer for you is definitely a better way to cook foods that you would normally deep fry, and there are huge health benefits to this.

Are Air Fryers Healthy For You?

As we look into air fryers and why investing in one is actually a good idea, here are 5 healthy reasons to get you started:

An Air fryer cuts calories in food by up to 80%

If you are looking to enjoy your favourite foods that you normally deep fry, an air fryer can help you enjoy them, but without the calories.

An air fryer is a great choice if you are looking to be healthier and consume less calories than usual. You will also be consuming less fat, and preparing your food with an air fryer as opposed to going to Steers/KFC is a much better healthy option.

Are air fryers healthy
Are air fryer healthy

Air Fryers Allow You to Use Less Fat When Frying

If you are a lover of fried foods, then an air fryer is a healthy option to indulge in them.

Unlike deep frying, this method of cooking works by heating your food in hot air, so that uses way less fat than you would.

Air Fryers Help in Preserving Nutrients

Some studies have shown that air frying your food helps to preserve certain nutrients during the cooking process like Vitamin C and certain plant compounds.

Another big plus with this method of cooking, is that your food gets ready quicker.

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Air Fryers are More Economic

Things have gotten very expensive in South Africa, so any chance to save some money is welcome. One great thing about air fryers is that they are economic, unlike traditional ovens, they heat up very quickly and get your food cooked much quicker.

Also, unlike deep frying, there is less risk because of the less oil that is being used.

You can Cook Without Using Oil

If you are looking to cut down on your fat intake, then this is a great way to start preparing your food. Instead of consuming more fat, you can opt for making your food more crisp and fat free, by using the air fryer.

Air Air Fryers Toxic?

No, they are not toxic at all. They are great alternative to deep frying, and a great way to move to healthier cooking. Remember, te food you cook will also determine just how healthy your meal is!




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