Idols SA Judge JR Bogopa Pays Lobola for His Baby Mama Tshepi Vundla

South African Idols judge and rapper JR Bogopa has finally made a bold move, one that delights the fans and paid lobola for his baby mama, Tshepi Vundla.

The couple, who have two beautiful kids together have been together for over a decade, 12 years to be exact.

For a while, Tshepi Vundla would get teased about her long relationship with JR, that she is choosing to stay in it without the promise of him marrying her one day. I guess social media have certain “expectations” about their favourites, forgetting that people have a right to stay in relationships that serve them well, which seemed to be the case here.

Back in September 2022, Tshepi shared a big rock on her finger, which was great, and fans got really excited for her and congratulated her on her engagement. It was beautiful that JR has finally decided that he liked it so much that he wanted to put a ring on it.

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JR Bogopa and Tshepi Vundla Relationship

Back in 2021, Tshepi Vundla addressed the trolls on what she called an “obsession” when it comes to her relationship with JR, and why they were not married. She wrote: “The weird obsession with me being married or not is rather annoying. Get off my d*ck.”

This was made worse by the fact that JR went to the Podcast and Chill and clarified that Tshepi was not his wife, and that it was a vat ‘n sat situation that they were in. This was after Mac G called Tshepi his wife when they were talking about the relationship.

JR went on to say “I need to clarify she is not my wife yet. I think it’s very easy for guys to start dating someone for a couple of years and then start calling them their wife.”

He then expanded more on their relationship after Mac G asked if it was a vat ‘n sat, by saying, “Yea, it’s a vat ‘n sat. It’s a loving relationship. You know what I mean? It’s a family”.

The couple welcomed their baby boy Sibabalwe Lehakwe Bogopa back in 2017, and they welcomed their daughter Liyema Leru Bogopa in January 14th 2022.

Fastforward to now, the couple has taken the first step towards marriage, which is beautiful to see.



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