How to Choose the Best Cot for your baby

Your baby is everything that you thought he/she would be, and after many months of waiting and falling in love with your bundle of joy, your baby is finally here. And all you want to do is do everything that you can to be an amazing mom to that precious human.

Your precious human has been snuggling beautifully in your tummy for months, and now that they are out in the world, you will do everything that you can to take care of them the best way you know how.

And this is where a baby cot comes in. Babies spend a long of time being babies, and that includes spending a significant amount of time in their cot, so it needs to be super comfortable, super safe and it needs to be the best quality that money can buy.

Being a parent is an immense responsibility, and I am sure you spend a lot of time worrying about your litttle one. But worry not, we are here to help you navigate this journey and help you find the best cot for your precious baby.

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5 Tips to Choose the best Baby Cot for Your Little Human

The Baby Cot Needs to be Safe

Safety comes first when it comes to your baby, so you need to get a cot that will keep your baby safe at all times. Babies like to roll over, and some babies like adventure which might include climbing out of the cot and into the cot. It might also include them jumping up and down, so the cot you buy needs to consider all the things that your child can do to put themselves in danger.

For this reason, the cot you buy needs to have safety features that will put your mind at ease and keep your baby protected.

The Size of the Cot matters

When it comes to the size of your baby’s cot, it needs to be the just the right size. A cot that is too small will be hazard for your baby, because they won’t have the space they need for them to roll, to stretch and do what babies do in it. They might be restricted it.

Also, the railings need to be high enough to keep the baby safe and protected.

A professional would probably be the best person to help you with the cot and the perfect size for your baby.

There are many great styles to choose from . . .

Focus on Quality

In addition to safety features, your baby cot needs to be build using only the best materials, and it needs to be sturdy and safe.

Babies are super playful, and they need their space to allow them to be able to do that safely.

You need to do research on the best brands for baby cots in South Africa, or in Johannesburg if that is where you are based, so you can pick a brand that does not compromise when it comes to the safety of those children.

Multiple safety tests are critical here and once you find something to your satisfaction, it’s time to pair it up with a super snuggly and comfortable mattress to match it.

The mattress

You are now closer to having your baby in the cot of your dreams, but don’t forget the mattress. It needs to be soft and comfortable, but also firm enough.

Most cot manufactures will also manufacture the mattresses, as the mattress needs to be the perfect size for the cot, it needs to fill the space between the mattress and the cot (no space on the edges) .

The best scenario is to get a combo that comes as both the cot with the mattress included.

A Stylish Cot

Don’t be a boring mom, don’t go for the same cot that your parents got you when you were a child.

Cots have evolved, and there are some really stunning ones in the market.

Get the cot that will transform the nursery and make it look current. It’s 2022 after all, soon to be 2023!

You are a mom, or a mom to be, and the process of shopping for a cot for your precious baby is supposed to be a beautiful and fun process.

Take your time with this, make the process fun and do your research.

Talk to your friends and family that have kids and find out what brands they love and you will be on your way.



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