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CASTLE LITE Fans Lite Up Twitter With a Winning 100 000

Castle Lite Reigns Supreme : Toasting 100,000 Twitter followers the beer brand dominates as the ultimate beer brand thanks to fans!

Castle Lite, the renowned premium beer brand, is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in its digital presence. With great excitement and pride, Castle Lite has reached a monumental milestone of 100,000 followers on Twitter, solidifying its position as the largest beer brand on the platform.

As an innovative and forward-thinking brand, Castle Lite has consistently embraced digital platforms to connect with its consumers and create engaging experiences. This achievement on Twitter reflects the brand’s ability to resonate with a vast and diverse audience, as well as its commitment to creating unique and relevant content.

Since its inception, Castle Lite has remained at the forefront of the beverage industry, known for its refreshing taste, cutting-edge marketing campaigns, and its unwavering dedication to providing unforgettable experiences. The beer brand has consistently engaged followers and fans throughout the years from the iconic nostalgic moments such as Feel The Beat of Vanilla Ice advert to the stellar curation of chart topping acts such as Kanye West, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, J Cole to name a modest few.

Some of the brand’s campaign crown jewels also include Sevens Rugby World Cup ’22, Tips On
Tap, Don’t Accept Whatever.

“We are thrilled to have reached 100,000 Twitter followers, solidifying Castle Lite as the biggest beer brand on the platform. This accomplishment reflects the trust and loyalty our fans have bestowed upon us. We are immensely grateful for their unwavering support and enthusiasm. Our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and content will only continue to grow as we forge ahead”, says Castle Lite’s Chief Marketing Officer, Colleen Duvaner.

At the essence of it all is the brand fans who have shown love and supported the salience factor, the brand in return has provided unforgettable moments and emotions to build this brand love. It’s a two way street the brand created, the fans responded and supported and the relationship began and has grown from strength to strength – understanding insights Castle Lite’s digital strategy has played a pivotal role in its ascendancy on social media platforms. The brand’s success on Twitter further reinforces its position as a market leader, with an ever-growing community of loyal fans and followers.

Twitter Space got Lit(e) for fans : R 100 000 for the 100 000

In celebration of its fans for the 100 000 followers milestone, Castle Lite further lit up Twitter Space which was scheduled for 7 o’clock on Thursday, July 6th to give away a smacking R100 000 worth of prizes. The Twitter algorithm went into a tizz with the event anchored by renowned media personality Sizwe Dhlomo who has had fruitful relations with the brand dating back to 2011. Dhlomo has also been involved in countless campaigns with Castle Lite. Guests joined the Twitterspace conversation which proved to have resounding success though engagement via known influencers and tastemakers



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