Brutal Fruit Spritzer Reveal the Whole Story Behind the You Belong Campaign with Kelly Rowland

In an extension of Brutal Fruit Spritzer’s ground-breaking #YouBelong campaign collaboration with songstress Kelly Rowland, the leading Sparkling Spritzer brand has launched a new TVC that spotlights South African women. Authentic, down to earth, and relatable, which are all hallmarks of South African women that Kelly herself embodies as well as the fierce feminine energy that the brand is committed to
showcasing and spotlighting.

The new video extends on the brand’s commitment to show every woman that they “Belong anywhere and everywhere” by placing extraordinary everyday women alongside Kelly. Through this, Brutal Fruit Spritzer is giving women access to a life that they may have otherwise thought inaccessible. The TVC beautifully and genuinely spotlights a diverse group of women from different backgrounds, industries and walks of life. Viewers are sure to recognize themselves in the proud, powerful, and relatable characters on screen.

Nolo, a graphic designer and one of the stunning women featured in the campaign, perfectly encapsulates what #YouBelong is all about. “For me You Belong means being able to have the courage to be yourself in any room no matter the circumstances,” she says. “We all get intimidated and self-conscious, but the key is to power through those emotions. It definitely helps when you have your girls backing you up as you move through the world, but the most important thing is to believe in yourself first. Believe that you belong in the spaces that you want to be.”

Soweto born Bomzi shared the experience of working with Kelly Rowland, who herself gushed in several interviews about how she found inspiration from these everyday SA women. “Being on set with Kelly Rowland was so refreshing. She had that “hey girl, we’ve met before” type of energy. I felt like her equal. There was a moment while we were shooting where it felt like it was just us on set, no cameras, no director. Just four women embracing each other and acknowledging each other’s presence, my favorite
moment was when we sang to her in isiXhosa, that was my You Belong moment.”



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