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Braai Salads: Braai Salad Ideas that you are going to love

South Africans love a braai, and braai salads are great to add on to your already amazing braai. Our summers for the most part are made of pool parties, braai and something nice to sip on, and whether you are into chicken, pork, boerewors, beef or whatever you like, your braai must have a salad or two to compliment it. Nothing quite beats a braai with sumptuous braai salads that compliment your braai meat and sorts out your cravings.

Great Tasting Salads for Your Braai

A braai is much loved in South Africa, just imagine family and friends gathering over an amazing braai. Not only does it brings families together and promotes great conversation and making incredible memories, it’s also an opportunity to braai the food together while pairing it with the best salads.

Most braais will have two three types of meat in one plate, so a salad is a great way to add an element of something healthy, a great way to kind of balance out the meat intake that comes with braaing.

Just having braai meat and pap or a roll can look bland on your plate, but when you add salads, it adds great flavour to your plate, not forgetting the pop of colour and texture to a bland plate.

5 Braai Salad Ideas that you can enjoy on your next braai

#1. Spicy Potato Salad

A potato salad is a classic braai salad, one of the most popular braai salad to enjoy with your braai. Best of all, it is easy and quick to make.

There are variations to this salad, with others preferring to add egg to the salad, and others adding bacon bites. However way you prefer to have it, it’s the perfect addition to enjoy with your braai.

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#2. Green Salad with a twist

A green salad is another great addition to your braai.

But instead of doing your normal green salad, make it more amazing. Add some avocado with it, in addition to your cucumber, tomato, feta cheese.

All those elements together will make your bland green salad to one that is unforgettable. And don’t forget seasoning for it.

#3. Coleslaw

Coleslaw is a huge salad for a braai, and the best part, not only is it easy to make, it taste great too.

And the ingredients are not that many, and they are super affordable.

#4. Chakalaka

A true South African braai must have chakalaka, in all honestly, it is not a braai if you have one without chakalaka.

People have their different recipes when it comes to making this South African favourite salad to go with the braai, and that’s ok. Just make sure that yours has that pop of heat, and add your chillies.

#5. 3 Bean Salad

The bean salad is a great one to make, we love that it is easy and inexpensive to make. It goes well with just about anything, including braai, grilled chicken, beef, picnics and more

A braai is already amazing to make, but when you incorporate some of these braai salads it takes it to a whole new level.

I am curious, what is your favourite salad to go with your braai? Do let us know in the comments below.

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