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BNG Nectar Blanc Review

The Soft Life Living Gang decided to do the right thing and join the ‘Bee Hive’ by tasting SA’s Queen B latest offering (BNG Nectar Blanc).

Let me tell you how much of a treat it was. Firstly, the packaging itself embodies the grace and elegance Bonang Matheba is known for. You simply can’t help but look as it commands the attention on the Woolworths shelves. On my decision to go ahead with the purchase, I already felt elevated as you can’t help but boast a little when holding that gorgeously made handbag like packaging.

Taking a close look at the attention to detail that went into this truly reflects black excellence. The honey comb in gold I found absolutely genius for Bonang’s brand. As I proceed to unwrap what almost seems like a gift from her to me…I immediately notice the personalised message to ‘Me’ and that just made the R200 purchase worth it every penny for the 4 beautiful cans. At this moment I can see myself standing out from the rest in any social setting simply by walking in with this 4 pack instead of a 6 pack of cider.

Then I open the stylish slim can and the beautiful feminine scent invites me. Of course I want to respect it and pour it into a flute glass to resemble the class. I love the tiny bubbles it makes. At this point my mouth is watering. Then Ohh my goodness, I taste it…..Its soft, sweet enough and just so gracefully smooth on my pallet. I literally took frequent sips because it felt like the alcohol God’s are rejoicing on my tongue.

The 10.5% alcohol packed into each can is a definite bonus. The one pack of 4 is more than enough for a lady per outing. Basically the BNG Nectar Blanc has instantaneously become my drink of choice. I feel it reflects the classy, confident, bold yet soft woman I know I am.

Pic: BNG Nectar Blanc



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