Beautiful Xitsonga Names for Baby Boys and Girls

Beautiful Xitsonga Names

In Tsonga, names have meanings. They have to mean something and it’s very rare to have a Xitsonga name that has no meaning.

Sometimes a baby is named after a grandmother / father or someone that was part of the ancestry of the child.  Sometimes they name children based on the circumstance, as some sort of message.

Having a child is one of life’s greatest blessings so of course the name you give them has to be well thought of.

So here are :

Beautiful Xitsonga Names for Boys


Ahlulani is a good strong name for a boy. It means to “separate the good from the bad” and it’s a great name for a boy.


This is a good Xitsonga name for a boy, however it is borderline unisex. Akani means ‘to build’ and it’s a good name that represents something positive and symbolises progression. 


This is one of the best ways to show just how proud and blessed you are to have been blessed with a son. It means “to be proud” 


Fikani is a Tsonga name that means “reach higher heights”. This name that parents will use to channel their child to higher heights that they are hoping for for their son. 


Every parent wants their child to have a long, healthy and fruitful life. Hanyani meaning ” to live long” is a great Xitsongs name to give your son.


Hlanganani means “to unite” . . . a great name for when you want your son to have a syrong hold in keeping the family together. After all, family is everything.


This is a very common name for Tsonga people, and a great name too. It means “to be safe”.


A Tsonga name meaning peace. I have never met anyone with this name, so unsure of how popular it is.


Vukosi is a very popular name, and its clear why. The name means royalty, which is also associated with wealth.

Beautiful Xitsonga Names for Girls


Basani means “be pure”


Basambilu means pure hearted in Xitsonga, a beautiful name for a girl that has pure intentions.


This is a rare and a beautiful name, meaning ‘blessed’, it could be the perfect name for your baby girl.


Masingita is also one of the most popular names in Xitsonga. Every baby is a miracle which is exactly what the name means


Another beautiful name for a girl child, meaning emerald


A very popular name in Tsonga, used for when a couple has been trying to have a baby for a long time. Nhlamula means answer /solution


Nsovo means compassion or mercy


A lot of parents see their babies as angels, and this name means exactly that.


This beautiful Xitsonga name, which means ‘happiness’, is often picked by parents to show their joy at having been given this child.


Nyeleti means a star . . . and hopefully that child will shoot straight to the top as the name suggests.


Masana means “the warmth of the sun”


Xihlamariso is a beautiful name that means a surprise or so,mething out of the ordinary.




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