Apple Pay is Now Available for FNB Customers

Customers banking with FNB can now make payments with their iPhones, Apple Watches, tablets and Macbooks.

This is very exciting, the Apple Pay service is now available for FNB (First National Bank) customers. Customers can now add their cards to the Wallet app . . . and now they are able to pay and buy through Apple Pay, by tapping the iPhones or Apple Watch to contactless speed points. Contactless transactions are great, given the amount of fraud and scams that occur on the daily, with people trying to access funds that don’t belong to them.

Apple Pay is a safer, more secure and private way to pay . . . it removes the risk of customers having to hand over their payment card to someone else, or exchanging money – and of course iPhone is known to take privacy to a whole new level.

CEO of FNB Card, Chris Labuschagne says, “Apple Pay will further accelerate the adoption of contactless payments for customers and it is available to all FNB customers with compatible Apple devices. Once Apple Pay is set up on the device, it can be used immediately to make safe and secure payments. Our customers can add their Virtual Card via the FNB App and make a purchase using Apple Pay which provides customers with digital led flexibility and control via the FNB App, while benefiting from great rewards. To date, we have well over 300,000 FNB Virtual Cards on our new issuing platform with over R600 million in spend, and Apple Pay is the latest customer centric digital feature.”



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