AKA’s fiancée, Nelli Tembe, dies in Cape Town hotel tragedy

AKA’s fiancée, Nelli Tembe dies after jumping off 10 storey building in Cape Town

South Africa woke up to tragic news on Sunday morning . . . when it was reported that rapper AKA’s (real name Kiernan Forbes) fiance Nelli Tembe has died at the popular Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town.

She allegedly jumped off the 10 storey hotel in the early hours of Sunday morning, after shouting was heard.

According to several publications, witnesses at the scene described hearing a scream, followed by a “loud doof” sound, and said they had also heard a man screaming and shouting for help.

“Paramedics on scene have said a female had allegedly jumped from the 10th floor of that building. When paramedics arrived on scene, she had sustained polytraumatic injuries,” Netcare 911 spokesperson Shawn Herbst said.

“She was in a critical condition and they started a full life-support resuscitation. Unfortunately her injuries were too severe and she was declared deceased,” he added. 

The details of what may have happened are unknown at this point, and we can confirm that police are investigating this tragedy.

South Africa is pretty much in shock at this news, as AKA and Nelli looked soo happy based on videos taken of them just the night before when they were captured at Ayepyep, with the Supermega even performing with Nelli on stage.

Just last month, AKA had just paid lobola for his sweetheart, and of course . . . social media is rife with speculation as to what could have caused this tragedy.

Nelli was said to have been suffering from depression . . . and the rapper was said to have been helping her with that.

Nelli Tembe was 22 years old . . . may her soul rest in peace!



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