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AKA shot dead: South African rapper Kiernan Forbes killed in Durban

Kiernan Forbes fondly known as AKA, was shot dead outside Wish restaurant in Durban on Friday night.

Kiernan Forbes was shot and killed in very close range, along with his close friend, entrepreneur Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane.

The pair were outside the restaurant, and with video footage that has been released, they are seen hugging for the longest time.

The motive of the killing is being investigated and police have said that they don’t want to speculate on why AKA was killed. This looks like a hit, the killers wanted AKA dead and they waited for the right moment to sneak up to him and shoot him at close range, with a bullet straight to the head.

Police spokesperson Colonel Robert Netshiunda said the rapper and his friend were walking to their car when they were approached by two armed men who shot them at close range.

After firing the deadly shots, the killers ran off on foot.

Video Footage of AKA Getting Shot

The video footage of AKA getting shot has been made public and has been doing the rounds on social media.

In the video, you can see AKA and Tebello hugging for the longest time, and you can see the killer cross the street towards where AKA and his friends were.

The 2nd killer appears from the other side, they planned to cover both ends of the street – to make sure so to say.

The 1st killer walks slowly across the street, approaches AKA and as soon as got really close to him, he fires right straight to his head.

The video is sad to watch, and very graphic. It’s really sad that he was the target of this shooting, that someone would hate him enough to want him dead, and assassinate him in that way.

Also, it’s like he had no security at all. He was super accessible, and no one was even with him for protection.

It’s sad for his family, his daughter Kairo Forbes and everyone who loves him, and I sincerely hope that the police will use the footage they have to apprehend his killers. His family should get justice, as well as Tebello Motsoane’s family.

Kiernan AKA Forbes Musical Career

Kiernan Forbes began his musical career in a rap group Entity before he deciding to branch out on his own. He went on to do great music, dropped some amazing albums and went on to win several awards for the music he created.

He wasn’t just a huge artist in South Africa, his music crossed boundaries and was recognized outside of South Africa, he was also nominated for a BET Award and an MTV Europe Music Award.

Just hours before his death, AKA looked super happy with his friends, posting videos about his haircut, having sips and just having a good time. He was also posting his location and telling his followers where he was going to be performing later that night. he was just happy and having a good time.

His followers and fans were also excited about Mass Country, the new album that was due for release later this month, which is a banger, because that’s the music he always put out.

His mother and father confirmed his death via a statement that they posted on his social media accounts.

“To us, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes was a son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend, most importantly father to his beloved daughter Kairo,” they wrote.

“To many, he was AKA, Supa Mega, Bhova and the many other names of affection his legion of fans called him by. Our son was loved and gave love in return.”



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