AKA Killed Anele: Says Letter from the Tembe Family Lawyer

The family of Anele ‘Nellie’ Tembe believe that Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes pushed Anele down the 10 story hotel in Cape Town, back in 2021. Anele Tembe was AKA’s fiancé when she fell to her death.

In new allegations, AKA’s late fiancée Anele Nelli Tembe’s family, has made some damning allegations about the day she died, saying that they believe he pushed or threw her off the balcony. In addition to them saying AKA killed her, they are saying he went partying and drinking after her death, and that he didn’t attend to her while she was lying on the street, dying.

In the letter written by their lawyer, there are also allegations that AKA cleaned the blood in the hotel room that he shared with Nellie, and that he went partying and drinking with his entourage after Nellie died.

Nellie fell off the tenth floor of the Pepper Club Hotel in Cape Town on 10 April 2021. And her family blame AKA for everything that happened that day.

The Tembe’s say that after Anele fell off the balcony, she is said to have stayed alive for approximately 20 minutes, and that AKA didn’t try to help her or give her CPR. Instead he cleaned the hotel room, partied and drank with his friends.

“He did not attend to his injured fiancée, who remained alive for approximately 20 minutes. He did not go to perform CPR on her. Instead, Stefanutto, a complete stranger, cared enough to administer CPR and call emergency services in an attempt to save Anele Tembe’s life … Forbes cleaned up the hotel room. There was blood on the towels … Forbes partied and drank at the hotel with his entourage following the passing of his fiancée,” read the report.

“The call that Forbes made to the reception desk was made after Tembe had already landed on the ground. The video footage that captured her fall records a time that is prior to the call that Forbes made to the reception desk. The evidence in the form of the record of the call and the video footage, which are contained in the docket, were shockingly ignored. The receptionist is easily contradicted by that.”

“The scratch marks on Forbes’ body, specifically at the back, which scratch marks were defensive marks, in an upward direction, indicate that Forbes was carrying Anele on his shoulders while she attempted to defend herself. The scratch marks are indicative that Forbes threw her over the balcony,” the letter reads.

The Tembe family clearly were unhappy with the National Prosecuting Authority’s decision to not prosecute AKA. This week, the NPA confirmed that it had declined to prosecute him.

What’s contained in the letter seems to be the complete opposite of what had been put out to have happened after Nellie passed. AKA was said to be inconsolable after Nellie’s passing, he was devastated, a far cry of someone who was said to have been partying and drinking it up with friends.

AKA was gunned down on Durban’s Florida Road outside of Wish Restaurant, making everyone wonder who put a hit on AKA. As soon as news of his death started doing the rounds, may people on social media were asking whether the Tembe’s were responsible for this gruesome murder, and the Tembe family released a statement very early on to say that they did not have a hand in AKA’s assassination.

Anele’s father, Moses Tembe said he felt great pain for what the Forbes were going through, as a result of their loss.

AKA’s had his memorial service on Friday the 17th February, where his fans and loved ones celebrated his life and the musical genius that he was. He is laid to rest this Saturday in a private ceremony.

May His Soul rest in peace!



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