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400 Degrees at Clico: A New Poolside Restaurant at Clico Boutique Hotel & Restaurant

Clico Boutique Hotel & Restaurant in Rosebank has recently introduced a thrilling new al fresco dining option, adding an entirely new eatery to its terrace area known as 400 Degrees at Clico. The launch of this new eatery, helmed by Chef Dario De Angeli, showcases his passion and flair for excellent food, offering a relaxed dining experience.

Beautifully prepared food at 400 Degrees

Exceptionally crafted cuisine is more than just sustenance, it’s an opportunity to unite and form lasting memories with those that we care for and love, memories that can last a lifetime. In Jozi, even during winter, we’re blessed with sunshine, allowing for the pleasure of al fresco dining for most of the year.

Clico Boutique Hotel takes advantage of the lovely South African weather and serves wood-fired pizza at 400 Degrees at Clico. Treat yourself to authentic Neapolitan-style pizza, prepared with Chef Dario De Angeli’s homemade fermented pizza dough, resulting in puffy yet light, crispy crusts, and a creamy mozzarella and topping combination that will tantalize your taste buds.

These are no ordinary pizzas! Highlights include the Porchetta, a spicy blend of pork loin and shoulder, chilli honey, fennel, and salsa verde, or indulge in the 400 Degrees signature pizza featuring Parma ham, truffles, burrata, aged parmesan, and fresh peppery rocket.

Let’s not forget about the spiedini! These succulent meat skewers, cooked in the wood-fired pizza oven, come with dips and focaccia bread that soak up all the flavors. Each serving is one kilogram and includes Picanha rump, beef fillet, chicken thighs, or linefish, making it the ideal sharing feast fare.

But wait, there’s more! At 400 Degrees at Clico, it’s not all about pizza and meat, and it does ccommodate the healthy eaters that are leaning more towards vegetables. You can also savor healthy options, such as generous salads made with fresh vegetables, which are a meal in their own right and pair perfectly with authentic pasta dishes.

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Pic: 400 Degrees at Clico

Clico Restaurant unveils new and exciting menu offerings

Looking for an intimate dining experience? Clico Restaurant’s new menu features exotic flavors and indulgent desserts.

If you ever try it out, make sure to try the Okonomiyaki, Japanese pancakes with pork, shrimp, and oyster sauce, or spice things up with tandoori chicken or Mongolian BBQ-style plant-based options.

For dessert, indulge in coconut panna cotta with smoked pineapple or crème brûlée with a Turkish delight twist.

The Tasting Menu takes you on a five-course adventure across Vietnam, Japan, India, and Italy. Book your reservation via Dineplan and enjoy an unpretentious yet exquisite dining experience at Clico, an oasis of elegance in Rosebank.

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In conclusion, 400 Degrees at Clico is a newly added al fresco dining option in the heart of Rosebank that elevates the dining experience at Clico Boutique Hotel & Restaurant.

Chef Dario De Angeli’s passion and creativity for great food shines through in the menu, which features authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas made with handmade fermented dough and a range of other dishes such as spiedini, salads, and healthy options.

For those looking for an intimate meal or a special occasion, Clico Restaurant’s menu now offers a delectable array of new dishes that cater to all tastes, including plant-based options.

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